Printing press will survive: WPCF president Kamal Mohan Chopra

The closing ceremony of a year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration of All Manipur Press Association (AMPA) was held at Hotel Classic Grande in Imphal East on Wednesday.

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Updated 17 Nov 2022, 3:06 am

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Amid apprehension about the fate of the printing press with the advancement of the internet and digital advancement, president of the World Print and Communication Forum (WPCF) Kamal Mohan Chopra on Wednesday expressed confidence that the printing press will continue to survive in this modern era.

He said, "The printing press was there, the printing press is continuing and the printing press will continue in future.”

Chopra was delivering the chief guest speech during the closing ceremony of a year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration of All Manipur Press Association (AMPA) held at Hotel Classic Grande in Imphal East.


Recalling the apprehension about replacing the print media by electronic media when radio was first introduced, he said in contrary to the apprehension, the more information technology advances, the more the printing technology too goes far beyond expectation

Giving his feedback on the seminar held on the topic "The future of printing industry in NE India" as a part of the closing ceremony, he said the topic should rather be "the shape of the printing press in future" as there is nothing to worry about the existence of the printing press in the future.

The world today has agreed that students who read printed books are much better than those reading e-book in computer technology, he added.

Vice-president of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) Bidyut Ranjan Nag in his speech highlighted the different challenges met by the printing house industries in the Northeast region, particularly in Manipur.

He pointed out that lack of skill workers in the printing house, extra transportation charges while procuring raw material such as papers and others as there are no industries here in the state and the limited market due to less population and less connectivity are the major problems.


Nag, however, thanked the state government for its support to those running printing industries in the state.

On the occasion, three pioneer press industry proprietors were also honoured in recognition of their service and dedication for improvement of the printing press industries in the state.

Leimapokpam Bhubaneshwar Singh, proprietor of the Iboyaima Printers was conferred on with the Life time Achievement Award, Kh. Krshnan, managing director of the NEST Advertising and Marketing was conferred on with the Press of the Year Award and Senjam Surjit Singh president of the AMPA and also proprietor of the Sur Printing Press was honoured by conferring the Member of the Year Award.

The function was also attended by chairman of BOSEM Akham Joykumar and chairman of COHSEM Ch Sarat as guests of honour and was presided by president of AMPA Senjam Surjit.


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