PM Modi should apologise for putting Manipur in bad light: Former MLA

Because of the PM’s speech on viral video, all Meitei stand as accused in the eyes of the world, former MLA RK Anand said.

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Updated 9 Aug 2023, 3:23 am


Stating that the whole Meitei community have been put in a bad light due to that one viral video on which PM Modi spoke, thus creating a misconception of the community, former MLA RK Anand on Tuesday said that the PM should clarify about the Meiteis and apologise on the floor of the House for his misconception.

Because of the PM’s speech on viral video, all Meitei stand as accused in the eyes of the world, the former MLA said while addressing the media at the Manipur Press Club at Majorkhul on Tuesday.

He also said that if Article 355 is not imposed in the state, then the state government is responsible for state security. He then questioned why the state government was in a defunct mood if every power was empowered by the state government.

If the government is not able to take responsibility for the security and safety of the state, then the CM should resign, he stated.

We must remain as Manipuris and the India government should stop playing divide and rule politics, he said, adding that the gunfights will stop when SoO is withdrawn.


He called on the state government to administer the hill districts too and added that the crisis should be resolved through Parliament.

Veteran politician Okram Joy said that the crux of the present crisis in the state is the demand for separate administration by the 10 Kuki MLAs.

Seven MLAs of the BJP, two MLAs of the KPA and one Independent MLA had demanded a separate administration from Manipur on May 12 following the ethnic clash that broke out on May 3.

“The demand by the MLAs is unethical conduct”, Joy said and added that a complaint to proceed action against the ten MLAs was filed to the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly on May 18, and the matter was taken up in the Privilege Committee of the house only after two months.

“I have also taken up the matter with the Prime Minister of India and the Speaker of the Parliament. The PMO replied before the ethics committee of the state Assembly took up the matter”, O Joy said.


He said that if any member of the house breaches the privilege of the house, it is the member themselves or the secretary of the legislative assembly that can take up the matter and no one else.

Why have none of the legislators filed a complaint against the members for breach of privilege of the Manipur Legislative Assembly by the ten MLAs, O Joy asked.

He further said that the MLAs had recently filed a complaint against one lady for breach of privilege of the MLAs but didn’t file any complaint when 10 MLAs openly declared distortion of Manipur by breaching the privilege of the state Assembly. The veteran politician also hit out hard at the state BJP over its failure to give any comment in connection with the stand of the 7 BJP MLAs over the demand for separate administration.

“What did the BJP say when their MLAs demanded for bifurcation of Manipur”, O Joy asked.
Further, he said that the demand by the 10 MLAs for separate administration or separate state under the Article 3 of the constitution of India is not applicable.

“Manipur merged to the Union of India with an agreement signed between the representatives of the Union of India and the then King of Manipur prior to the enactment and enforcement of the Indian Constitution and hence, Article 3 of the Indian constitution is not applicable to Manipur as the Article 363 of the constitution of India protects any attempt to segregate the state”, he said.


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