PM Modi did mention Manipur issue: CM Biren

The upcoming Lok Sabha election would be an opportunity for NRC agitators to demonstrate their genuine concern for Manipur by supporting the BJP, CM Biren said.

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Updated 5 Apr 2024, 4:32 am

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Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Wednesday praised PM Narendra Modi’s and HM Amit Shah’s stance on the Manipur issue while addressing a gathering at Thambal Shanglen in Imphal during the Mahila Sammelan organised by the Mahila Morcha BJP Manipur.

He played a voice recording of PM Modi speaking on the issue on the floor of the Parliament and during the Independence Day speech at the Red Fort.

CM Biren expressed disappointment over certain vested groups misinforming the public to paint the BJP in a negative light, by spreading rumours that Modi does not speak a single word while Manipur is burning.

He went on to translate PM Modi’s speech, emphasising that it demonstrated the Prime Minister’s great concern for Manipur.


CM Biren also highlighted significant announcements made by PM Modi and HM Amit Shah, including the scrapping of the FRM, the initiation of border fencing, and the implementation of measures like fingerprinting and eye scanning for the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

CM Biren interpreted these actions as evidence of the BJP’s commitment to the indigenous people of Manipur.

The chief minister’s remarks come amid heightened political tension surrounding the Manipur issue, with various parties and groups expressing divergent views on the matter, as election propaganda.

Recalling the public movement advocating for the implementation of the NRC, CM Biren urged the public to make an informed choice during the upcoming elections.

He stated, “It is up to the public to choose between the BJP, which has initiated the NRC process, and other parties that oppose it” and cautioned that those agitators who opt for other parties would be considered as cheaters or fake patriots.


He emphasised that the upcoming election would be an opportunity for NRC agitators to demonstrate their genuine concern for Manipur by supporting the BJP, which is actively working towards implementing the NRC.

Differentiating the BJP from other parties like the INC, Biren asserted that the BJP was the only party steadfastly committed to protecting Manipur’s integrity at any cost.

He also went on to cite similar sentiments expressed by BJP’s national leader, Amit Shah.

The event was also attended by BJP national leader Abhay Giri, BJP Manipur president A Sarda, and Mahila Morcha BJP Manipur president Loteeka Leima among others.


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