Organisations call for proper awareness on MMT programme

Various organisations working for welfare of people living with drugs urged the people of Manipur to stop forceful treatment of users in rehab centres.

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Updated 5 Mar 2024, 3:51 am


Various organisations working for welfare of people living with drugs on Monday appealed to the Manipuri public to be more aware of the various treatment methods used for drug de-addiction and act on false rumours based on unfounded speculations.

The organisations also urged the people to stop forceful treatment of users in rehab centres.

The organisations appealed for the same while speaking to the media at Manipur Press Club in connection with the harassment of two substance users undergoing Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT).

Co-chairperson of Manipur Users Collective (MUC) Ksh Basantakumar stated that selectively targeting users and violating their rights based on unfounded beliefs should be stopped by the society.

“MMT recipients are becoming the prime target of non-state actors who believe it to be harmful and inappropriate for treatment,” he said.


He stated that certain non-state actors had also joined the forced rehabilitation run in the valley areas recently.

“Forceful rehabilitation has been a plaguing issue in Manipur for many years and now, another vigilante group has joined hands in illegally apprehending and dumping users in rehab centres,” he said.

He pointed out that this reckless action was also meted out against rehabilitated individuals who are on MMT programmes.

“MMT is a treatment method approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is one of the leading treatment methods for substance users across the globe,” he said.

He maintained that the programme was unappreciated in Manipur as certain sections of people drew false speculations regarding the treatment.

“The programme is in place ifourn  institutions in Manipur and several users have opted for it but certain cases of harassment and ill treatment against MMT recipients has severely hindered treatment in certain districts,” he said.


He highlighted that Nearly 50 per cent of recipients in Thoubal had stopped the treatment well before their treatment period due to apprehension.

“Intimidation and forced rehabilitation by certain groups also played a part in this which is very unfortunate,” he added.

He appealed to people not to indulge in such activities and maintained that such actions dehumanized the users.

He stated that society and people also had a major role in rectifying users and rooting out the menace of drugs.

He further urged authorities concerned not to remain mute spectators and address the negative notion surrounding MMT and forced rehabilitation at the earliest.

Members of Manipur Users Collective (MUC), Care Foundation, CoNE, FINGODAP, Kripa Society, MACS partner NGO Forum, MNP+, SASO & USER Manipur took part in the press meet.



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