NCP questions Modi’s absence amid Manipur crisis, urges political resolution

“If we can fly 2,000 kilometres, why can’t the PM fly to Manipur? After all, he has the best security and is able to go for foreign tours”.

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Updated 11 Aug 2023, 3:31 am

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A delegation of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) members who visited Manipur to assess the ongoing crisis and extend solidarity to the affected population has questioned PM Modi’s absence from the state amid the prolonged crisis that has persisted for over three months.

Expressing their concerns, president of NCP Pune City, Prashant Jagtap, remarked, “If we can fly 2,000 kilometres, why can’t the PM fly to Manipur? After all, he has the best security and is able to go for foreign tours”.

The NCP delegation’s visit, led by the party’s national spokesperson Dheeraj Sharma, aimed to evaluate the ground situation in the violence-affected region and offer assistance to those residing in relief camps across the valley districts.

During their visit, the NCP delegation observed the hardships faced by the inmates of these relief camps.


The team announced its commitment to provide necessary medical assistance, essential items, including clothing, to the relief camp residents.

These relief efforts will be facilitated through funds mobilised from NCP units across the country. The team plans to deliver the aid after 10 days.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club in Imphal before their departure, Prashant Jagtap highlighted that a political resolution is essential to address the ongoing crisis in the state, emphasising that violence is not the solution.

He stressed the necessity of central government intervention to restore peace in Manipur.

Dheeraj Sharma, the national spokesperson of NCP and president of the National Youth Congress, underlined the unity of India and reiterated that Manipur cannot be left unattended by the central government.


“The people of the entire country stand with the people of Manipur,” he added.

Accompanying the delegation during the press briefing was Soram Iboyaima, the president of NCP Manipur.

The delegation plans to convey their observations and insights to NCP’s national president, urging him to forward the matter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the early restoration of peace in Manipur.

As the NCP delegation concludes their visit, they have left a message of support and solidarity with the people of Manipur, emphasising the importance of a peaceful resolution and central government intervention to alleviate the crisis.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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