Myanmar militants used for proxy war in Manipur: IM

‘KNA(B)’s bomb factory guarded by Indian security forces’

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Updated 25 May 2024, 1:57 am

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)
Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

NSCN (I-M) on Thursday alleged that the Assam Rifles and the para-regiment are openly colluding with Kuki militant groups against the NSCN (I-M), creating a war-like scenario in the border areas of India and Myanmar.

No such warmongering situation has been witnessed in recent history, despite the area being prone to infiltration by different militant groups, the NSCN (I-M) stated as per a report published by the Ukhrul Times.

As usual, the KNA/KNA (B) is in denial mode, trying to show a different picture, far from having any link with the ubiquitous AR and para-troopers. The ground reality, however, speaks louder than anything else, it said. It alleged that the KNA (B) is given unrestrained access to border crossing points to Myanmar and allowed to come out anytime, while others are strictly forbidden.

Such is the deceitful role of Indian Security Forces magnifying the problem instead of finding a solution, it said. Certainly, the Free Movement Regime (FMR) was scrapped by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to control the undesirable elements crossing the border. It is ironic that Kuki militants are found as favourable elements to wreck the presence of the Naga Army in Myanmar, it added.

It questioned where the government of India is heading by resorting to proxy war against NSCN by using KNA (B) and PDF. Manipur has witnessed significant sabre-rattling between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zo, interspersed with bloody killings, with both communities suffering heavy casualties, it said.


The combined forces of KNA (B) and PDF, with Indian Security Forces managing the logistics, have taken an inimical stance against NSCN, deliberately targeting the Naga Army camps located in Naga areas in Myanmar, it further alleged.

It is unfortunate that KNA (B)/PDF waylaid 2nd lieutenant Hante Ao of the Naga Army on May 11, 2024, and he was killed on May 13 after massive torture, it mentioned. Another Naga Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Yaoreichan, posted at Choro village, Kamjong district, was also captured by KNA(B) and killed, it said. KNA(B) is warned not to take sadistic pleasure in killing Naga Army members, it added.

It further alleged that the NIA along with AR and the para-regiment are working hand in glove with the Kuki militant groups. These AR, Territorial Army, and para-regiment facilitated the Kuki militants with free entry and exit, it said. Villagers have seen truckloads of Kuki militants being dropped at the border by the AR, it mentioned. There is a strong nexus between the Indian Security Forces, KNA (B), and PDF, with all the scheming materials provided by the Indian security forces, it added.  

“They supplied combat materials to KNA (B) and Chin PDF. Not only that, they supplied GI pipes for their bomb-making factory at Phaiyang village. The Indian Security Forces gave training to KNA (B) on how to make bombs and operate them using drones. The bomb-making factory of KNA (B) at Phaiyang is guarded by the Indian Security Forces round the clock. Ironically, their behaviour is highly despicable and offensive (photos of KNA (B) bomb-making factory available for public scrutiny, providing indefensible proof),” it added.  It also stated that the Indian Security Forces are raining bombs using drones against the Naga Army camps in Myanmar. This has been going on for more than three weeks, it added.

The sincerity of the Government of India is not only highly questionable but wicked and loathsome, it said. It is ironic that the main target of the Indian Security Forces is the Naga Army. To put the matter straight, the Naga Army has never disturbed the Indian Security Forces while conducting their goodwill missions inside Myanmar, it said.

“NIA, with its sinister motives, has only exacerbated the volatile situation by blaming the NSCN for the unrest in Manipur. They are simply adding fuel to the burning issue, determined to make the best use of the Kuki militants to settle scores with NSCN. Nevertheless, NSCN finds no reason why NIA has to be so miserable and belligerent, ready to set the Indo-Myanmar border on fire against the Naga Army,” it further said.


“It looks all the more bizarre as we find the aggression of Indian Security Forces very hideous, as drone attacks are nothing less than international aggression since the geographical location of the Naga Army is beyond the jurisdiction of India,” it added.  

The Government of India shall be held responsible when NSCN is compelled to find answers to Indian aggression in the manner they deem fit, it said.  “When the Indo-Naga political talks remain inconclusive, it doesn’t give India the right to resort to bombings using drones across the international border. It is militarily and politically unnecessary, inherently immoral, a war crime, and no less a form of state terrorism,” it added.

It further stated that there are more than 5,000 Kuki refugees from Myanmar sheltered in Naga villages under Kasom and Kamjong blocks, including Wanglee, Namlee, Kaka, Zingshophai Choro, Skip, Pilong, Sangalok, and Phaikoh in Kamjong district.

These refugee camps have gained notoriety for indulging in criminal activities, polluting the social-security environment, it said. The borderline activities of these refugees were made easy as they colluded with AR to walk in and out of Myanmar with nefarious purposes, it mentioned.
“They are individuals in the intelligence agency with a criminal network that operates clandestinely. While we understand that these refugees are fleeing for survival, their very presence has become a huge economic burden for the locals, affecting their livelihood as these refugees have rummaged the greenery (wild plants) for food, giving tough competition to the locals and going way above the ‘tolerance limit.’ The villagers along the borderline feel insecure while going hunting or fishing in the jungles because of the presence of anti-social elements that have penetrated from the other side of the border in the name of refugees,” it added.



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IFP Bureau

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