Myanmar energy drinks ban in Kangpokpi

Myanmar-made energy drinks, Horn and Shake, are very popular and widely sold in the market.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated 10 Apr 2023, 4:26 pm


Kangpokpi Youth Union has banned Myanmar-made energy drinks in Kangpokpi town after some of the energy drink covers were found double coated.

Similarly, Saikul Hill Town Committee and Saikul Hill Town Youth Club have also banned Myanmar-made energy drinks in Saikul Hill Town.

The Myanmar-made energy drinks, Horn and Shake, are very popular and widely sold in the market.

However, the two energy drinks are found recently sold with its cover double coated in the market for reasons best known to the manufacturing company or the suppliers.

The Myanmar-made energy drinks are manufactured by Myanmar Consumers Beverages Limited in Yangon.


The Horn energy drink has a deep green cover, while Shake has two colours, blue and gold.

What concerns the people is the Blue colour Shake energy drink is double coated with a Horn cover and a Gold colour Shake cover, which means, the Blue colour shake has been turned into Horn and Gold colour Shake and sold as Horn or gold colour Shake.

The ingredients or components of all three energy drinks are the same with the percentage of the ingredients having a slight difference with Horn energy drinks sold at Rs. 60/70 and Shake energy drinks sold at Rs. 50/- in the market.

The original cover of the energy drinks like Horn and Shake cannot be peeled off nor removed as it is printed on the thin aluminium cover. However, the duplicate one, which is coated with a printed plastic cover, can be peeled off or removed.

Surprisingly, the blue colour Shake energy drink, a Grape flavour, has been double coated with Horn energy drink cover and Gold colour Shake energy drink cover and sold in the market as Horn and Gold Colour Shake.

Therefore, the Kangpokpi Youth Union conducted a drive on Monday and seized all the double-coated energy drinks from Myanmar while asking the wholesalers to return them to the suppliers.


The KYU also declared a complete ban on selling all Myanmar-made energy drinks including Horn and Shake whether original or duplicate in Kangpokpi district headquarters from Monday, April 10.

It also strictly warned all shopkeepers and wholesalers in the town that appropriate action should be initiated if they are found selling the ban energy drinks.

The wholesalers of the town said that they procure the energy drinks from Imphal and other suppliers and they are not aware of such things. However, they assured the youth union to return the energy drinks to the suppliers and not to sell it anymore.

The Youth Union also said that to bring clarity over the issue, it has been decided to ban all the energy drinks from Myanmar, whether original or duplicate, in the town until further notice.

Following the ban of Myanmar-made energy drinks in the district headquarters, Saikul Hill Town Committee and Saikul Hill Town Youth Club also conducted a drive in Saikul bazar in Kangpokpi district and found similar double-coated Myanmar-made energy drinks widely sold in the market and announced a complete ban on it.


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Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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