Moreh Youth Club, KSO to intensify drive against drugs in Manipur's border town Moreh

In their joint efforts to curb the growing menace of drugs in Moreh town, the MYC and KSO had conducted surprise drive against illicit drugs at various suspected locations

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Updated 16 May 2022, 9:45 pm

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Reiterating their stand against the growing menace of drugs in Moreh town, the Moreh Youth Club and Kuki Students' Organization Moreh block on Monday announced that they will intensify the effort on ‘War Against Drug’ in Moreh town.

Philip K Khongsai, president of Moreh Youth Club (MYC), said that MYC and KSO had been conducting joint campaigns against drug abuse since 2021. With due consent from the concerned parents, many drug abusers had also been sent to Drug Rehabilitation Centres - Asha Bhawan and Adullam Rehabilitation Centre.

In their joint efforts to curb the growing menace of drugs in Moreh town, the MYC and KSO had also conducted surprise drive against illicit drugs at various suspected locations and many had also been warned to quit their activities.


Highlighting some of their activities, the MYC president said on March 27, 2021 Moreh Youth Club and KSO conducted a joint drive at Menal River bank which was a safe haven for many drug users. The area has been free from drug users since then, Khongsai said. He maintained that on May 5, 2021, MYC and KSO conducted a joint publicity in connection with the drive against illicit drugs and various restrictions, including banning older youths and youngsters from roaming around from 6 pm to 4 am has been enforced.

On May 21, 2021 the two organizations held a joint meeting with the then DC of Tengnoupal, N Praveen Singh, IAS and Tengnoupal district police SP Th Vikramjit Singh, MPS, Addl SP L&O Sangboi Gangte and Addl SP (Oops) L Amit Singh. During the meeting, various means and measures to curb drug menace were discussed and a seminar was also conducted with NGOs.

During the course of these activities, many shocking incidents had been detected, the MYC said, adding that it came to light that minors as young as 13 years were among the drug addicts. All these were informed to their concerned parents. The situation is alarming and the future is grim, he lamented.

Philip K Khongsai said that to save the deteriorating future the MYC and KSO will continue to intensify their efforts on War Against Drugs.

"In line with the government's effort on ‘War On Drug 2.0’, we will continue to intensify our efforts on war against drugs. We appeal to all to support us," Khongsai added.


Speaking to media persons, KSO general secretary David Jamminthang Baite said that the two organizations will take up all available means to check the growing drug menace.

"We are in a very alarming stage; we are going to take up every possible means to check Drugs and related matters. We appeal to all the communities in Moreh town to support us and not to interpret on communal lines as and when the two organizations catch drug users and drug dealers," Baite said.

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First published:16 May 2022, 4:32 pm


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Moreh Correspondent

Moreh Correspondent

MOREH district, Manipur


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