Mizoram no right to interfere in Manipur issue: MSA

The rally organised at Mizoram supporting the ‘separate administration’ demand can escalate violence here in Manipur.

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Updated 26 Jul 2023, 6:08 am

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Stating that the state of Mizoram has no right to interfere in the internal issue of Manipur, the Meitei Students’ Association (MSA), Manipur University on Tuesday decried the participation of Mizoram CM Zoramthanga in a rally held in Mizoram and torched his effigy at the main gate of the varsity.

The rally in Mizoram was organized by NGO Coordinating Committee supporting the Kukis of Manipur in connection with the ongoing crisis.


President of the Meitei Students’ Association, Manipur University, Nickel Haobijam told the media in front of the Manipur University main gate that the government and other bodies, including the public, are trying to bring back normalcy in Manipur.

However, the rally organized at Mizoram supporting the ‘separate administration’ demand can escalate violence here in Manipur, he added.

He said the student association strongly condemns Mizoram CM for participating in the rally in order to encourage the protesters.

The association also condemns the rally for trying to mislead the nation by using slang words towards the chief minister of Manipur and its people, he added.


“This is an internal issue of Manipur and Mizoram, including its CM, has no right to interfere in the crisis of Manipur. If they want then they can give separate administration from their own state," said Nickel.

The protesters torched the effigy of Zoramthanga by raising slogans, “no separate administration in Manipur”, “Zoramthanga down down”, “Mizoram CM down down” and others.

The protester also burned down life size photographs of Zoramthanga wearing combat dress with an assault rifle.


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