Manipur Youth Congress questions BJP’s failure to hand over Pallel drug haul case to CBI

Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Wednesday demanded the home minister and DGP to step down on moral ground.

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Updated 27 Jan 2023, 10:32 am


The Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Wednesday questioned the reason for the refusal of the BJP-led government to hand over the Pallel drug haul case allegedly involving CDO personnel to CBI and alleged that there might be involvement of high-profile BJP ministers in the case.

The case of nabbing fully equipped and dressed CDO personnel along with drugs is one of the rarest of its kind and it is a very sensitive issue, said leader of MPYC N Popilal, while speaking to the media at Congress Bhawan in Imphal.

Considering such a big failure of the state government, the MPYC also demands the home minister and DGP to step down on moral ground.

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Popilal said, as the arrested CDO personnel are not in the position to fund the multi-crore drug business, there is a question of using those personnel as mere transporters of the confiscated drugs.


The BJP ministers who visited Moreh town on January 15, a day before the drug haul case, had raised a lot of concern to the general public about their possible involvement in the funding of the drug business, he maintained.

Considering the possible involvement of high-profile personalities in the drug case, handing over the case to the CBI for a free and fair investigation is the demand of all the people of Manipur who are against drugs.

There has never been a single instance where the then Congress government refused to hand over drug cases to CBI, he said, citing the handing over of the Tulihal drug haul case and the Pallel drughaul case involving a relative of the former CM and a former Army PRO respectively.

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Meanwhile, the state government is trying to divert the issue of the recent Pallel drug haul case by defaming MPPC president K Meghachandra who visited the Kakching SP office to laud the SP and his team for their bold action, Popilal maintained.

The MPYC leader demanded handing over all the pending drug related cases, involving security personnel, to CBI starting from the beginning of the then Congress regime, if the state government was really concerned for the future of Manipur.


“Congress has been supporting the War on Drugs and will continue to support it. Don’t make the War on Drugs controversial”, he added.

The MPYC also called on all the concerns to immediately stop drug business for easy money, considering that the ill-fated defects will cost their whole family one day.


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