Manipur Violence: Five villagers killed by Kuki militants

Tension high after attacks at Phayeng Porom, Ningthoukhong

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Updated 20 Jan 2024, 1:54 am


As many as five individuals including a father and a son were killed while two persons were left injured in separate attacks by Kuki militants at Phayeng Porom Ching and Ningthoukhong Kha Khunou Maning which are located in the peripheral areas of the valley on Wednesday.

Around 10.45 pm, a village volunteer was killed and another was injured in the attack at Phayeng Porom Ching under Lamshang Police station in Imphal West.

The Kuki militants launched the attack by firing guns and bombs, as per sources.

The deceased has been identified as one Takhellambam Manoranjan, 28 son of  T Premkumar of Thiyam Konjin Imphal East. He was shot multiple times and his tongue was found to be cut off, sources said.  

The body has been kept at RIMS mortuary after Lamshang Police station evacuated the body.

The injured person is one Mangsatabam Thouna, 20, son of M Hira of Chingmeirong Lei Engkhol. He sustained bullet injuries on his fingers and has been discharged from RIMS hospital after getting treatment.

One village volunteer also sustained bullet injury from the attacks by Kuki militants at Sinam Kom village, which is located 4 kms west from Sagolmang Police Station, Imphal East on Thursday at around 5.30 am.

The injured village volunteer is one Thangjam Naocha 23, son of Th Inaoba of Pangei Bazar. He sustained injuries on his right thigh and is undergoing treatment at Raj Medicity hospital.


Meanwhile, four villagers including a father-son duo were killed in cold blood at Ningthoukhong Kha Khunou Maning under Bishnupur Police station around 2.30 pm on Thursday.  

The deceased are identified as Oinam Bamonjao, 60, his son Oinam Manitomba, 32, Thiyam Somendro, 53 son of  (L) Th Manibabu and Ningthoujam Nabadip, 41, all from Ningthoukhong kha Khunou Ward No. 4.

According to their family members, both the father and son have been providing water through a water supply scheme in Ningthoukhong Kha Khunou Maning, while Th Somendro had been working at his banana farm near the water supply.

As per sources, nearby villagers found their bodies lying next to each other when they went to check the area after they heard gunshots. There are no Kuki villages near the area where their farm is located, added the reports.

Villagers said that the villages near to them are Sadu and Lamnai villages, mostly inhabited by Nagas. They added that there is a kuki village called Chingphei Kuki Village, which is located far away from the farm.

As per police reports, the fourth deceased Ningthoujam Nabadip’s body was later found after the three bodies were transported to RIMS mortuary. All the four bodies sustained multiple bullet injuries.

Kuki militants also set ablaze a house of Khurkhul Gram Panchayat Ward Member Phuritsabam Jiban, 50, son of  (L) Shamjai of Leimakhong Chingmang under Sekmai Police station on Thursday at around 5.50 pm.

Ph Jiban has been taking shelter at a relief camp since the ongoing violence broke out last year, as per sources.

In the meantime, the JAC against the Brutal Killing of Takhellambam Manoranjan Singh and local club and Meira Paibis of Thiyam Konjin, Waithou, Sajin Pallak, Chanam Sandrok, Khanarok, Langdum and Keirao in Imphal East convened an emergency meeting in connection with the inhumane murder.


The meeting firmly established a seven-point demand for the BJP state government to materialize.

The JAC and family will not claim the body till all the demands in the resolution are fulfilled. They also threatened to launch a series of intense agitations along with the state CSOs and the people if the demands are not met.

Some of the demands in the resolution include handing over the chairmanship of the unified command to the chief minister, withdrawal of centre’s SoO with Kuki militants, empower the state forces as the central forces have remained futile, to stop the malicious divide and rule policy by the central government, to swiftly implement NRC in Manipur and lastly, for the state government to resign if they are unable to tackle the onslaught of Kuki narco terrorist in Manipur.

Speaking to the media, mother of Takhellambam Manoranjan lambasted the authorities for failing to take stringent measures to deal with the Kuki Narco terrorists in Manipur.

“Will the ministers remain silent if it happened to their children?” she asked. She stated that Manoranjan was the pride and joy of the family and left behind a small boy who still yearns to meet his father.

“What will we say? He still does not have a single about what happened and it breaks our hearts,” she said. Spouse of Manoranjan Takhellambam Monica stated that she last talked to her husband around 10 pm Wednesday night.

“He stayed at Kangchup Chingkhong as a village volunteer to man the Meitei villages there. When I called him the second time around 2 pm, an unknown individual who spoke with an accent picked up the phone,” she said.

She stated that she knew about her husband’s death after the unknown individual told her over the phone. “I begged the individual to let my husband go but he did not listen,” she said. She questioned authorities if they were waiting for more people to die before they took any action. She further demanded the state government to come down with an iron fist and reclaim Manipur.



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