Manipur records 191 cases of crime against women in 2022

WAD report on crime against women in 2022 indicates rise in rape and missing cases in Manipur.

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Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)
Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Crime against women continues unabated in Manipur, according to Women Action Development (WAD). The WAD report recorded a total of 191 cases of crime against women in 2022. The report, which is based on recorded data from published news, indicates rise in rape and missing cases in the same year.

The Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW) also registered as many as 78 cases of crime against women in the year 2022. It also received the highest number of domestic violence cases in the same period.

Of the 78 cases of crime against women recorded by MSCW, 16 cases are of domestic violence, three cases of separation, 15 cases of women property rights and maintenance, 13 desertions, 12 harassment at workplace (mental and physical), one police apathy, one defamation, two land dispute cases, three cases of attempt to murder, one molestation, one kidnapping, one criminal trespassing, one breach of agreement, two rapes, two compensation, two custody of children and one girl trafficking case.

Among all districts, Imphal West reported the highest crime rate of 37 cases followed by Imphal East and Bishnupur with 22 and six crime cases respectively.

Thoubal recorded five crime cases and Kakching four, while Churachandpur reported two, Kangpokpi and Chandel one case each, according to the commission report.

However, according to the data compiled by WAD from published news of 2022, 191 cases of crime against women took place in Manipur. Among all cases of crime against women, missing has the highest number with 41 cases.

District wise, Imphal West district has reported the highest with 39 cases of crime against women, followed by Thoubal district and Imphal East with 29 and 28 cases respectively.

Based on the data, there were a total of 40 rape cases, 28 assault, 20 crowd control assault, 10 forced detention, nine murder cases, eight suicide cases, five each of suspicious death-life attempt, four each of gang rape-trafficking-kidnapping, three cheating, two each of molest-cybercrime-threatened, one each of rape and murder-suicide after rape-sexual harassment-abandonment.

While comparing rape and gang rape case of 18 years and above 18 years age group, the number of under 18 years rape case is 31 higher than that of above 18 years rape case at 10

The state also reported two gang rape case under 18 years and one rape case above 18 years.


The data shows that in 2021, crime against women cases was 148, in 2020 the cases were 190, in 2019-293, in 2018- 246 respectively.

Speaking on crime against women in the state, chairperson MSCW Salam Ulka said that most of the cases received in the commission are domestic violence and separation. Those between 21-30 years mostly come for divorce due to domestic violence.

Asking about factors and causes of domestic violence, Salam Ulka said that most of them complain about substance abuse.

WAD secretary, Mangsatabam Sobita said there are many factors behind increasing crime against women in Manipur. She blames the patriarchal system.

Despite the educational qualification, people are not shedding their patriarchal mindset, she said, adding that various government efforts like Beti Bachao Beti Padao, women status has not achieved much.

Pointing out that there are various laws in place, she said these laws have failed to protect women and punish the culprits.

Lack of accountability of the law-and-order institutions and lack of conviction of the culprit are also the major reasons for rise in crime against women. 

Manipur also witnessed lack of society and community support to victims, she said, adding the growing lack of respect for each other. The main issue in Manipur is women themselves follow the patriarchal system, said Sobita.

The societal norms that are created by humans are being followed by mothers-in-law, mothers, not men. It says that a woman will understand another woman, but here it is totally different that in a community, a woman is often beaten by her husband and surrounding women are told to ignore it as it is an internal matter. But what about the husband who kills his wife, she asked.


“Don’t forget that women play a major role in the socioeconomic growth of society; a nation or state cannot prosper until women are safe”, said Sobita and suggested community mobilisation.

Awareness at every level from the grass root has been conducted in the state, but the effect of those awareness is not seen. Whether the approach or form of giving awareness should change, said Sobita.

Citing “excessive degrading of moral values” as one of the undeniable factors for the increasing crime against women and girl child, Sobita stressed that creating awareness on women issues and rights alone cannot help address all such instances, and that different practices should be initiated.

Meanwhile, crimes against women in India increased by 15.3 per cent in 2021, according to National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) 2021 data. A total of 4,28,278 cases of crimes against women were registered across India in 2021, marking an increase of 15.3 percent from 2020.


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