Manipur: May 3 as ‘Awakening Day’ proposed

Thadou Students’ Association (TSA) Thadou Students’ Association (TSA) to observe May 3 as ‘Manipur Peace Day’ in memory of all victims of the violence and to promote peace.

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Khumujamba Meitei Leikai Pattadar Association, highlighting the events of May 3, 2023 as a pivotal moment for awakening threats to a community, has proposed commemorating the day as ‘Awakening Day’.

The association, while addressing the media at the Manipur Press Club on Thursday, addressed the significance of May 3 and expressed concern over the triggering factors behind the violence that ensued.

Spokesperson of the association, Sairem Ibungo, said that on May 3, 2023, the residents of Khumujamba Meitei Leikai realized the extent of the danger they faced, as evident from the violence that resulted in the destruction of their neighbourhood, which earlier stood at the heart of Churachandpur town.

The association attributed the cause of violence to measures taken by CM Biren Singh, particularly regarding the crackdown on poppy cultivation and the identification of refugees from Myanmar, he said.

“Such actions may have incited tensions and triggered the violence that ultimately led to the destruction of Khumujamba Meitei Leikai”, said the spokesperson.


TSA appeals to commemorate May 3 as ‘Manipur Peace Day’

The Thadou Students’ Association (TSA) on Thursday announced that association and Thadou thinkers have decided to observe May 3 as ‘Manipur Peace Day’ in memory of all victims of the violence and to promote peace.

The decision was taken after critical reflections on Manipur violence, nature and course of the crisis, the devastating impacts on the people, and after thoughtful deliberations on the commemoration of May 3, one of the darkest days in the history of Manipur and India when the tragic violence broke out last year, stated a release.  

“We also wish to encourage all to make this day an opportunity to seek and promote peace in the midst of violence, love in the midst of hatred, understanding in the midst of misunderstanding, reconciliation in the midst of rivalry, empathy in the midst of antipathy, justice in the midst of injustice, hope in the midst of hopelessness and light in the midst of darkness,” it stated.

“Sadly, all people of Manipur have been greatly affected by the Manipur violence, but the Thadou community, who have no political agenda whatsoever, want this kind of violence never to happen again in the future to us or anyone else,” it mentioned.

“Following these ethics, TSA has always advocated for peace and non-violent solutions to the ongoing crisis since the beginning of the conflict. We cannot simply wait for other people to come and make peace for us, but it should be the first collective duty and priority of all the people of the state, particularly members and leaders of the communities most affected by the violence, to make efforts to sort out our own problems and establish peace in the community,” it mentioned.    


It stated that the loss and destruction since May 3 last year are irreparable and beyond any comprehension. “Let us all say enough is enough, and together focus now on bringing back peace and normalcy, keeping aside our differences and the different political demands which should rather be pursued through nonviolence and other democratic and political means,” it mentioned.

The people of Manipur, particularly those affected by the violence, must show resilience, and on this important day take a firm stance against violence and together strive for peace to rebuild our society with a spirit of mutual respect, love, understanding and reconciliation, it added.

TSA encourage and request all the aggrieved parties to rethink if commemorating the day in manners that is antagonistic to each other’s community would either benefit the society in the long run or instead prolong the continuity of the already too long-conflict and bring more harm to the present society and future generations. “Manipur has had enough violent conflicts in the past from which we need to learn a lesson on the evil and futility of violence and communalism,” it added.

“Therefore, as we pray and honour the memory of those who have fallen victim to the tragic violence in Manipur that broke out on May 3, last year, and extend our deepest empathy to the survivors and their families, we fervently appeal to all the people of Manipur to retrospect and show our wisdom and courage to collectively and steadfastly denounce violence and promote peace on this day, this year, and in the future by observing it as Peace Day,” it said.  

“We cannot change what has happened, but, surely, we can change the meaning of it and start a new chapter and build a better, stronger society, with a brighter future and opportunities for all. Finally, peace is the core element of strong and bold character, not of the weak and timid,” it added.


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