Manipur Legislative Assembly approves supplementary grants amounting to Rs 3111.58 crore

The amount of supplementary grants for state legislature is Rs 35,17,28,000 and council of ministers is Rs 1,75,42,000.

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Updated 23 Feb 2023, 2:23 pm

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During the third session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, the House unanimously approved several supplementary grants amounting to Rs 3111,57,96,000.

The amount of supplementary grants for state legislature is Rs 35,17,28,000; council of ministers is Rs 1,75,42,000; land revenue, stamps and registration and district administration are Rs 4,56,13,000; finance department is Rs 872,03,32,000; transport is Rs 50,00,000; police is Rs 56,72,83,000; public works department is Rs 104,46,85,000; information and publicity is Rs 1,00,58,000; education is Rs 48,71,74,000.

Medical health and family welfare services is Rs 265,03,75,000; municipality administration, housing and urban development is Rs 45,82,39,000; labour and employment is Rs 50,00,000; department of tribal affairs and hills is Rs 141,59,22,000; consumer affairs, food and public distribution is Rs 5,00,00,000; co-operation is Rs 3,14,10,000.


Agriculture is Rs 19,24,64,000; animal husbandry and veterinary including dairy farming is Rs 68,00,000; environment and forest is Rs 6,36,69,000; community and rural development is Rs 712,31,91,000; public health engineering is Rs 10,40,00,000.

Power is Rs 25,12,77,000; youth affairs and sports department is Rs 7,29,56,000; administration of justice Rs 18,15,56,000; state excise Rs 21,19,000; sales tax, other taxes or duties on commodities and services Rs 98,35,000; Planning Rs 148,78,45,000; Home Guards Rs 4,00,00,000; stationery and printing Rs 21,50,000.

Minor irrigation is Rs 35,59,94,000; Fisheries is Rs 5,00,000; Panchayat is Rs 23,37,97,000; Sericulture is Rs 9,36,69,000; Art and Culture is Rs 5,60,69,000; State Academy of Training is Rs 52,05,000; Horticulture and Soil Conservation is Rs 77,12,000.

Social Welfare is Rs 447,04,84,000; Tourism is Rs 23,86,21,000; Minorities and other backward classes and scheduled castes department is Rs 11,05,87,000; Relief and Disaster Management is Rs 14,19,50,000 and Economics and Statistics is Rs 30,00,000.


House leader N Biren Singh also tabled the reports/papers on-Finance Accounts (volume I) 2021-22, government of Manipur; Finance Accounts (Volume II) 2021-22, government of Manipur; Appropriation Accounts 2021-22, government of Manipur.

State Finances Audit Report of the controller and auditor general of India for the year ended March 31, 2021 (Report No 1 of 2022), government of Manipur; Report of the comptroller auditor general of India on general, economic (other than public sector undertakings), economic (public sector undertakings), revenue and social sectors for the year ended March 31, 2020 (Report No 2 of 2022), government of Manipur were also tabled. 

The CM also introduced the Manipur Appropriation (No 1) Bill, 2023 for discussion and approval.


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