Manipur: Heavy storm wreaks havoc in Noney, Ukhrul districts

The storm caused extensive damage in both the valley and hill districts of Manipur, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

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Updated 26 Apr 2024, 1:43 am

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Manipur faced the wrath of a severe storm on Wednesday, as strong winds, heavy rainfall, and hailstorm wreaked havoc across various parts of the state. The storm caused extensive damage in both the valley and hill districts, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

In Noney district, the hailstones were particularly destructive, damaging numerous structures and puncturing holes in the roofs of several buildings.

The force of the storm was so powerful that it uprooted trees, blew off the roofs of many houses, and even completely destroyed smaller structures in some instances in many parts of the state.


The aftermath of the storm has resulted in widespread disruption, with roads blocked by fallen trees and debris.

The extensive damage to electric poles and wires has also led to power outages in many areas, adding to the difficulties faced by the residents.

Despite the severity of the storm, there have been no reports of major injuries or casualties as of the filing of this report.

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Local authorities and disaster response teams are currently on the ground, assessing the extent of the damage and working diligently to clear the roads and restore electricity to the affected areas.

In light of the ongoing stormy weather, residents are urged to remain cautious and avoid venturing out unnecessarily until the situation stabilises to ensure their safety.

Our Correspondent added that the heavy wind storm that lashed at the wee hour of Thursday has led to the destruction of several domesticated sheds, uprooted scores of trees, electric poles and farms in various villages in Ukhrul district.


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Sources said that no human casualties were reported.

According to reports culled from various villages in north of Ukhrul district, the intensity of the storm was so heavy that the roof of domesticated animals and toilets were torn apart and blown off. Some houses were also partially damaged.

Panic stricken villagers feared that the roof of their houses would be blown off with the ferocity of the storm showing no sign of receding.

The storm lashed the district for about 2 hours.

Earlier in the day, villagers were seen repairing the damage caused by the storm.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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