Manipur CPI to reconsider contesting if peace not restored

In an exclusive interview with the Imphal Free Press, Comrade L Sotinkumar, the CPI candidate reiterated the party’s stance, stating that they might reconsider their participation in the elections if peace is not restored.

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Updated 18 Mar 2024, 5:54 pm

Comrade L Sotinkumar (PHOTO: IFP)
Comrade L Sotinkumar (PHOTO: IFP)

In the run-up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Manipur, Comrade L Sotinkumar, the CPI candidate for the sole inner MP seat, has stressed the critical need for stability and peace in the violence-stricken state.

In an exclusive interview with the Imphal Free Press, Sotinkumar reiterated the party’s stance, stating that they might reconsider their participation in the elections if peace is not restored.

Renowned for his activism on communist ideology and his unwavering dedication to the cause, Comrade L Sotinkumar has faced imprisonment 28 times on various issues in Manipur.

With a clear vision for the state’s future, Sotinkumar emphasised that the CPI’s aim aligns with its alliance partners like Congress, focusing on defeating the BJP to end injustice and suffering in the country.

While CPI maintains alliances both at the national level under INDIA alliance and state levels under 10 political parties, Sotinkumar clarified that they opted for a friendly contest with Congress for the inner MP seat, pledging full support for the Congress candidate in the outer MP seat.


Upholding the legacy of their founder, Comrade Hijam Irawat, he said safeguarding Manipur’s territorial integrity remains a primary concern for the CPI.

In addition to territorial integrity, the CPI’s priorities include enlisting Meetei in the ST list, implementing an NRC with a base year of 1951, tackling illegal immigration, and reviving the economy among others, he added.

Sotinkumar also raised concerns about the infiltration of corrupt elements, including crorepati politicians, drug lords, and black marketers, into politics, using money power considering it as the most profitable business.

As a consequence, of electing them by the voters for mere money, the society has not totally collapsed, he said, alleging that the ongoing 10 months prolonged crisis in Manipur might not have taken place had the voters elected their rightful leaders in the past election.

In this regard, he called for free and fair elections and appealed to the voters to abstain from selling their votes, but to cast their valuable and rightful votes for better tomorrow and prevent societal collapse.
Advocating for electoral reforms, Sotinkumar suggested selecting representatives through parties rather than individuals, emphasising adherence to party directives post-election.

He also highlighted CPI’s historical contributions to Manipur’s statehood and various developmental endeavors.


It can be noted that CPI came out victorious twice in Manipur, in 1967 and 1980 polls, in the Inner seat and once in 1998 in the outer seat.

Addressing campaign strategies, Sotinkumar emphasised the CPI’s grassroots presence with 39 local units and over 400 branches across Manipur. He pledged minimal campaign expenditure in compliance with ECI guidelines.

A seasoned politician and activist, Sotinkumar, 72 years, hailing from Khurai Lamlong Bazar, Imphal East has been a dedicated member of the CPI since 1969 and his extensive experience includes serving as the state secretary of CPI Manipur and the national president of All India Youth Federation.

He is a political science graduate and has attended various national and international conferences in 42 different countries in his political career. He is the present general secretary of All India Trade Union Congress, Manipur chapter.

This marks his debut as an MP candidate, although he has contested in Assembly elections.

With his commitment to peace, stability, and progressive change, Comrade L Sotinkumar stands firm as a formidable candidate, ready to steer Manipur towards a brighter future.


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