Manipur Congress ridicules CM Biren 'resignation move'

The security personnel's inaction during the mob gathering at a tight security zone indicates that the entire incident was staged, the MPCC alleged.

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Updated 3 Jul 2023, 4:15 am

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The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Sunday ridiculed Chief Minister N Biren's recent attempt to resign, terming it a "drama."

The party has raised concerns about the inactivity of security personnel when large mobs gathered in a tight security zone, located between the Chief Minister Secretariat and Raj Bhawan, hindering the chief minister from submitting his resignation letter to the governor.

The MPCC also pointed out the silence of the security personnel, who are notorious for their aggression towards the public during protests in Imphal areas. 

They argue that the security personnel's inaction during the mob gathering indicates that the entire incident was staged.

Additionally, the committee accused the BJP-led government of displaying dictatorial tendencies.


Speaking to the media at Congress Bhawan in Imphal, MPCC vice-president Harishwar Goswami expressed doubts about the chief minister's intentions, stating that if Biren truly wanted to step down, he could have easily submitted the resignation letter through email or another medium.

The Congress party considered the public disclosure of the resignation letter as equivalent to the chief minister's resignation as it has been made available in the public domain, he said, emphasising that it is unprecedented for a resignation letter to be read out.

Addressing AICC leader Rahul Gandhi's recent visit to Manipur, Goswami alleged that the BJP had orchestrated various pre-planned agendas to portray Rahul as unwelcomed among the people of Manipur. 

However, these attempts failed, and instead, the public showed support and warmly welcomed Rahul, he added.

He condemned the police action of stopping Rahul's convoy at Bishnupur, though his approved byroad route to Churachandpur was previously authorised by the police.

Stating that the conversation between Bishnupur police, Churachandpur police, Churachandpur DC, and MPCC leader Loken on a mobile phone provides evidence that the road route was indeed approved, he said that the Congress party possesses a recording of the phone call.

Questioning the police's decision to obstruct Rahul's convoy in Bishnupur, Goswami asked why the convoy was allowed to proceed toward Bishnupur after departing from the airport.

Responding to the BJP's concerns about the relevance of Rahul's visit during the ongoing unrest, Goswami explained that political parties have important roles to play in Parliament when discussing issues related to separate administration.


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He highlighted that the BJP holds 301 out of the total 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, while the NDA and its allied parties have 128 seats in the Rajya Sabha. 

Therefore, it is crucial to brief leaders from all political parties on Manipur's current situation to safeguard the integrity of the state in case the matter of separate administration is considered in Parliament, added Goswami.

Countering the allegations regarding Rahul's visit taking place 40 days after the onset of unrest, the vice-president urged the BJP to raise the same questions to Prime Minister Modi, highlighting his prolonged silence on the issue.

Recalling the statement of Chief Minister N Biren who mentioned that the Union Home minister would oversee and control the hill areas, particularly concerning the Kuki militants, Goswami said Kuki militants have not stopped firing upon Meitei villagers and it resulted in the deaths of many individuals to date. 

"Why is the Union Home Minister unable to put an end to the Kuki militants' horrifying acts of firing upon innocent Meitei villagers? What is the hidden agenda," he questioned.

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