Manipur Congress leader O Ibobi encourages defeated candidates, calls for unity among party members

Former chief minister Okram Ibobi addressed the felicitation programme of Keisham Meghachandra Singh on being elected as Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president.

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Updated 7 Apr 2022, 4:09 am

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Manipur CLP leader Okram Ibobi Singh, while criticising the BJP of using excessive money and muscle power to win people's mandate in the recent election, encouraged all the defeated Congress party members not to lose hope. He urged them to focus on the next election to bring back past glory of the party in the state.

The former chief minister stated this during the felicitation programme of Keisham Meghachandra Singh on being elected as Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president.

The programme was held at Congress Bhawan, BT Road, Imphal on Wednesday by the MPCC.

Addressing the function, Ibobi said that the BJP exercising muscle and money power, particularly in hill areas of the state is a well-known fact. Observing those instances, it was not a real mandate that the BJP got in the recently concluded election, he asserted.

Ibobi slammed the BJP government for citing the ongoing row over Hijab, Halal and Azan in other parts of the country, and said it is too communal.


"How long will the BJP rule the country if they have such a one-sided mentally in this democracy? There is no guarantee that the BJP will remain in power in 2024 if they continue to be so communal," he stated.

He further said that those who left the Congress for the BJP, lured by money power may return if the BJP does not come to power in 2024.

While encouraging all members of MPCC, he said that groupism that existed within the party for some period was one such drawback of the party. Differences may arise within the party but every situation should be resolved by keeping the party's interest as their main priority. There is a need for unity amongst the party members to strengthen the party and fight every issue of the state successfully, the former chief minister said.

Former MPCC president Gaikhangam said that the Congress party faced a serious downfall in the recently concluded election but that doesn’t mean that the party will remain a loser all the time. In politics, facing ups and downs is a normal phenomenon. Congress, being one of the largest political parties in the world, will never be abolished from the land of Manipur, he expressed.

Congress served the state well during the 15 years of its reign. And no new developmental projects have been taken up, except continuing works already started by them, he added.

He condemned the alleged relation between the BJP and insurgent groups during the election to win.


Recalling how the Congress came back to power after being defeated heavily in 1977, he encouraged all the defeated Congress candidates not to be disheartened as it is not the end. He urged them to continue their effort in strengthening and revamping the party for the upcoming elections by accepting people’s recent mandate gracefully.

Newly appointed president of MPCC, K Meghachandra Singh, promised to take all responsibilities which an opposition party was supposed to do by strictly maintaining the constitution and democracy of the country. The functioning of the party will be carried with more transparency and accountability with the support of his fellow party members, he said.

“The party will give immense dedication for the welfare of the society. Most of the major issues like border pillar, unemployment, law and order etc. will be fought tooth and nail,” he said while stating that as the president of the party all efforts will be given to make the party shine again in the near future.

The programme was also attended by many other MPCC leaders and party members.



First published:6 Apr 2022, 4:52 pm


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