Manipur Congress hoists black flag in protest

Tuesday’s assembly session murder of democracy: Manipur CLP leader Ibobi

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Updated 30 Aug 2023, 6:32 am

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Manipur Congress Legislature Party leader Okram Ibobi on Tuesday claimed that the 4th session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly was a “murder of democracy” even as the Indian democracy is known as the “mother of democracy” in other parts of the country.

Ibobi made the charge during a press conference held at the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) head office located at BT Road, Imphal, on Tuesday after the Assembly session was adjourned sine die.

Before the press conference was held, the five Congress MLAs hoisted a black flag at the premises of its head office claiming that August 29 will be the ‘black day’ for the system of Indian democracy.

Ibobi told the media that after the May 3 incident, people of Manipur have been waiting for the assembly session in order to discuss the present turmoil in the state that has lasted nearly four months now.

The Manipur Legislative Assembly has been considered a sacred temple for the people of Manipur and people from various sections of the society have been demanding the convention of an assembly session, he continued.

Ibobi also said that with an aim to bring back normalcy in Manipur, 10 like-minded political parties, including the MPCC, had submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Manipur demanding to convene a session.

The CLP leader said the protest with “Save Democracy” placard was not only for the state of Manipur but for the entire nation. He said the Congress strongly condemned not considering the private member resolution that was submitted to the assembly to discuss the present turmoil in Manipur.

The notice of private member’s resolution was submitted to the secretary, Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 25 signed by the five Congress MLAs.


The private member’s resolution given by the Congress MLAs under Rule 105 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Manipur Legislative Assembly states the present situation of the state following the crisis that broke out on May 3, 2023; an urgent need of restoring peace, tranquillity and harmony among different ethnicities and communities in the state; an emergent necessity for every Member of this august House, which represents the entire will of the people of the state, to come together for the entire people of Manipur.

The notice of private members’ resolution further mentioned that “This House unanimously resolves that the territorial, administrative and financial integrity of the State of Manipur shall be preserved, protected, maintained and honoured to restore peace and harmony in the State, and also urges upon the Union Government to ensure peace in Manipur.”

Ibobi said the said notification was submitted to the Manipur Legislative Assembly in public interest in connection with the present turmoil but it was not included in the agenda list to be discussed on the assembly floor.

If the government wants to discuss the present issue, then the sitting could be extended under rule number 351 of rules of procedure conduct of business, he said and claimed that the sitting was convened to avoid constitutional crisis and not in public’s interest.

Responding to the media, Ibobi said the 10 Kuki MLAs might have submitted leave letters to the assembly however it was not mentioned on the assembly floor.

Granting leave for a member of the Manipur Legislative Assembly should be announced in the assembly and after taking the consent from all the members of the House, the leave should be granted, he added.

Even the Speaker took a biased decision while conducting the House, he alleged.

MPCC president K Meghachandra said the Congress MLAs submitted various agendas, including discussion on the present turmoil in Manipur. However, not a single agenda was included in the list of businesses to be discussed in the session, he said.

MLA Ranjit said the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly has no right to grant leave for a leave application submitted to him during the session.


The 10 MLAs who have been demanding for a ‘separate administration’ might have submitted leave applications; however the House did not grant leave on the assembly floor, the Congress president said.

He also alleged that the state home department instructed the state forces not to fire a single bullet, due to which, the state forces retreated from the firing of suspected Kuki militants at Kangvai on Monday night.

What is the hidden agenda of the government, he asked.

MLA Th Lokeshwar Singh said the session was summoned without following any rules. Even the opposition MLAs are still confused whether the session was an emergency or normal.

He questioned the public if they were satisfied with the assembly sitting where no agenda of the present turmoil was included.

Lokeshwar further questioned the COCOMI, CSOs and various other organizations what step they were going to take against the 55 MLAs who did not want to discuss the present turmoil.

He further questioned why the Manipur Legislative Assembly did not Live telecast the assembly proceedings.

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