Manipur Congress calls out Modi's neglect; urges public to take stand

"Manipur is reeling under its biggest turmoil, yet we don't have a PM who can come here and address the pain of the women and children who have been suffering in relief camps for the last 10 months."

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Updated 11 Mar 2024, 3:55 am


"If PM Modi thinks that the Manipur crisis is not important enough for him, now is the time for the people of Manipur, including every single youth, to show PM Modi exactly how he has treated us," Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) vice president Alfred K Arthur said on Saturday.

Speaking to the media at the Congress Bhawan in Imphal, Arthur said that the BJP may know best, but the PM has not held any press conference on the Manipur crisis or initiated a visit to the state. 

He said, "Manipur is reeling under its biggest turmoil, yet we don't have a PM who can come here and address the pain of the women and children who have been suffering in relief camps for the last 10 months." 

Nothing matters to PM Modi, he said, lamenting that the only thing Modi cares about is appearing well-trimmed and presenting well before the public.


Questioning the initiatives done by the 10-year-long BJP government in the Centre and the seven-year-long BJP government in the state to empower youths and Manipur, the vice-president alleged that blaming Congress has become the only punchline of the BJP government instead of focusing on bringing change. 

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He singled out Sangchat Village in Ukhrul district, daring the BJP to name any youth who have benefited from job opportunities or development projects in the past decade. 

"I am ready to apologise to BJP if they give any name," he said. 

In addition to questioning the effectiveness of BJP's governance, Arthur raised concerns about alleged corruption in public infrastructure projects, citing the construction of two-lane highways and accusing the government of siphoning public funds through subcontracting. 

He further alleged that there are many regions even in the valley districts like Sungu, Khundrakpam, and Thanga which are still untouched by development.


Meanwhile, another MPCC vice-president, Hareshwar Goshwami, highlighted Rahul Gandhi's recent announcements during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra Mega Rally in Banswara, Rajasthan.

Goshwami highlighted Rahul Gandhi's focus on addressing unemployment under the Modi government and promised employment creation and job security once the Congress party assumes power. 

Rahul Gandhi's key announcements include "Bharti Bharosa," ensuring the creation of 30 lakh Central Government jobs with a transparent job calendar, "Pehli Naukri Pakki," granting the Right to Apprenticeship for one year to every graduate/diploma holder, "No More Paper Leaks," implementing strict laws against paper leaks in government exams, and "Social Security for Gig Workers," introducing a new law providing social security for gig economy workers. Additionally, Rahul Gandhi proposed "Yuva Roshni," allocating a Rs 5,000 crore corpus to empower aspiring startup entrepreneurs at the district level.

Speculations abound as whispers weave through political corridors, suggesting that Hareshwar Goshwami and Alfred K Arthur, both vice-presidents of MPCC, may emerge as the formidable faces of the Congress party in the imminent Lok Sabha elections of inner and outer Manipur respectively.

Their simultaneous presence in the Saturday press briefing has intensified the intrigue surrounding these rumors, fueling anticipation and speculation among political observers.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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