Manipur CM N Biren Singh assures rehabilitation schemes for village volunteers

CM Biren pledged priority for village volunteers in recruitment of VDF and others, while acknowledging limitations on direct accommodation to services.

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Updated 6 Mar 2024, 11:58 pm

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Appreciating the role of village volunteers in bolstering security in the peripheral areas of foothills, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on the floor of the House on Tuesday assured rehabilitation and livelihood schemes for village volunteers after restoring normalcy in the state.

The chief minister, who is also the leader of the House, even acknowledged that the contribution of the village volunteers has led to a reduction of casualties during the crisis as well as helped the state in limping back to peace, which is the duty of the security personnel.  

He also pledged priority for village volunteers in recruitment of VDF and others, while acknowledging limitations on direct accommodation to services.

CM Biren was giving his statement during a short duration discussion where opposition MLA Th Lokeshwar questioned about any future initiative from the side of the government for the village volunteers who had been indulged in defending the villages in the peripheral areas, without any hesitation to sacrifice their lives and their career.

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As the public has lost trust in the central forces, the opposition MLA also suggested deployment of state and central forces together in all the vulnerable hill tops to control firings and attacks by Kuki militants.

Once the peripheral area is secured and controlled for firing, there will be cent percent restoration of peace in Manipur, he said confidently, adding that resettlement initiatives in adjoining areas of hills and valleys will also be successful if the state and central forces together give a commitment to secure and protect the area.

In this regard, the chief minister informed that a process had been initiated to cover all the vulnerable hill tops by state and central forces together and reaffirmed that the government will work as per public interest.

To procure the necessary state security personnel the government is working out to cut down the escort personnel from VIPs and others, he added.

Deputy CLP leader K Ranjit also raised the need of 200 additional state security in Sungu AC for the resettlement process and to protect Sungu at any cost stating that occupying Sugnu by the Kuki militants at any cost is included in their agenda of forming Zalengam.

Regarding a past allegation made by the chief minister against him for forming a peace committee leading to the destruction of Sugnu from May 28, 2023 by the Kuki militants, Ranjit clarified that Sugnu was in peace for 24 days even though the crisis erupted on May 3 due to the peace committee.


Further pointing out that over 200 lives were rescued by the initiative of the peace committee, he said, Sugnu which has very less strength of security personnel, would have been in a very worst situation since the onset of the crisis had there been no peace committee.

He even countered that the failure of the state government to send additional forces in Sungu during the onset of the crisis had led to the devastation attack initiated from May 28, 2023 by Kuki militants killing at least 10 and completely burning down Serou and some parts of Sugnu.

In regards to the request for 200 additional state forces, the chief minister assured efforts to provide maximum requested security, aiming for at least 100 personnel.

Regarding the failure to send security during the onset of the crisis, CM Biren explained that central forces are restricted to move due to public mistrust and blockades during the initial period of the crisis.

The chief minister, through the floor of the House, also announced the government’s commitment to considering all positive suggestions and initiatives aimed at restoring peace in Manipur.

Regarding the death of five residents of Sugnu due to stroke during the recent bomb attack by Kuki militants at Sugnu during February 14 to 20, the chief minister assured necessary compensation on humanitarian ground from the government side through the district administration but not the ex-gratia of Rs. 10 lakh which are disbursed to families members of deceased killed during the crisis.


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