Manipur Assembly: Gone in 11 minutes

Assembly adjourned sine die, no discussion on ongoing crisis in Manipur

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Updated 30 Aug 2023, 6:33 am

Manipur Assembly Building (IFP Image_Thomas)
Manipur Assembly Building (IFP Image_Thomas)

The Manipur Assembly session held on Tuesday was adjourned sine die just after 11 minutes of sitting, with only nine minutes of actual business conducted amid protest by the Opposition members of the Congress.

The session began with the CLP leader's impassioned outcry, denouncing the nature of the Assembly and the state of democracy.

"Is this mockery? Let us save democracy, let us save the constitution," the leader shouted, as the Speaker took the chair.

The confusion over the nature of the session and the absence of a rule of law were strongly highlighted by Ibobi.

The Congress MLAs, numbering five stood up in unison to criticise and protest the Assembly's proceedings, raising slogans and displaying placards that read, "Save democracy, save constitution."

The Congress demanded extension of the session to five days and include the present crisis as an agenda.

Amid the protest, CM Biren, as the leader of the House, carried on with an obituary reference and called for a two-minute silence, which was observed by all members except the protesting Congress MLAs.


The chief minister, addressing the Assembly, pointed out that according to Rule 132, discussions on matters that are currently before the court are sub judice and do not need separate consideration in the House.

This explained his stance against a separate discussion on the ongoing crisis in the House.

Amid the ongoing protest by the opposition, the chief minister also took a moment to commend the recent successful mission carried out by ISRO expressing gratitude to the scientists and the Prime Minister for their contributions.

Biren highlighted the participation of Dr Raghu Ningthoujam from Thanga, Manipur, as an example of the state's significant contributions to the nation.

Despite the chief minister's speech, the protest by the Congress MLAs persisted. Consequently, the House was adjourned for a 30-minute interval after just 9 minutes of business.

The resumption of the session saw the Congress protest gaining momentum, leading to the Speaker's announcement of adjournment sine die, merely two minutes after the session had resumed. 

While the 10 Kuki MLAs including two cabinet ministers were absent both Meetei and 10 Naga MLAs were present in today's session.


Meanwhile the Assembly secretariat in an official communique said, the fourth session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to unity and peace during these challenging times.

The Assembly also offered condolences for the lives lost and emphasised the importance of healing wounds and fostering a brighter future for all residents.

With heavy hearts, the Assembly mourned the tragic loss of numerous lives resulting from the recent violence that has shaken the state. Acknowledging the profound pain and grief experienced by families, communities, and the entire state, the House passed a resolution expressing heartfelt condolences to the affected families and their loved ones.

The resolution earnestly wished for the departed souls to find eternal peace.

"In times like these words seem insufficient to express the depth of the pain and grief that has befallen families, communities, and the entire state. This House also extends its thoughts and condolences to their families and loved ones. May their souls find eternal peace," mentioned the resolution passed by the House.In a bid to restore harmony and stability, the House fervently appealed to individuals across the state to reject divisive influences, uphold peace, and renounce violence for the greater good of both Manipur and the nation.

The resolution reiterated the Assembly's commitment to working towards the oneness and cohesion of all Manipuri people, regardless of caste, community, region, religion, or language.

Underlining the priority of peace in the state, the House also made a resolute promise to mediate and address differences among the people through constructive dialogue and constitutional means until peace is completely restored in Manipur.


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IFP Bureau

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