Look beyond agriculture for higher GDP: Union Minister

Union Minister Narayan Rane said that only focusing on agriculture will not be sufficient to achieve targets. A study can be done on how training centres can be beneficial for the people to guide them.

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Updated 21 Nov 2022, 5:00 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)

Union MoMSME Minister Narayan Rane, stressing on Manipur being the state with lowest per capita income in Northeast India, said that if the state sticks to only agriculture, then the state’s per capita income and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will not scale up.

The Union Minister stated it during a national seminar on growth and development of MSMEs for strengthening the backbone of the Indian economy on Sunday at the City Convention which was organised by the Union Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry.

Narayan Rane said in Northeast, Manipur has the lowest per capita income and suggested that what should be discussed is how to double this in a planned manner in three-five years. The minister also said that development should be in all sectors which will boost the growth of GDP.

The Union Minister said only focusing on agriculture will not be sufficient to achieve targets. A study can be done on how training centres can be beneficial for the people to guide them in the course of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. People should be happy that Manipur is seeing development — the per capita income should increase for people living in the forest areas (“jungles”), he said.

“Compare yourself to Sikkim - the children are getting quality education, why not for us?... Your schools should also be like that and you should be sad about lagging behind in literacy when compared to other states like Kerala. But our support is always with you,” the minister said.


The government and MSMEs should work together to increase the GDP and tourism should be developed in full scale — more hotels should be planned; entertainment activities should be promoted, he said, adding, "Whatever is needed from the Centre, we will fulfil".

“Which state or nation has the highest per capita income only with agriculture... There should be a responsibility to implement any schemes allotted to the state," he said and added that in 2000, the Centre had approved 15 technical centres in Manipur but not even one is well established. If the state doesn’t know how to take advantage, then nothing will be developed, he said.

Rane said he would be very happy if he heard of the planning of the schemes rather than a memorandum from the state.

Manipur will never promote or develop if it goes on like this, without any planning, he said.

“Promoting tourism sector means improving the infrastructure of tourism and that is the state’s first attraction,” the Union minister said and added that only then will tourists flock to the state.


Commissioner of TCI and tourism, government of Manipur, PK Jha praised the state's biodiversity, including the culture and tradition of Manipur but pointed out certain issues in order to achieve dreams of MSME powerhouse in the state.

Mentioning some issues, Jha expressed concern over the lack of concept notes of industrial state, unorganised nature of industry, low technology, credit link not coming from banks, lack of working capital and linkage to market in the state.

Chief secretary Rajesh Kumar drew the attention of Union Minister MSME for establishing a food processing unit in the state under 'one sub region one product'. He said Manipur is free from bandh or blockade, and free from insurgency issues. So, people of the state have started stepping up their potential, he said.

The chief secretary, talking about the geographical conditions of the state, expressed hope of promoting different works like apiculture, scaling up of sericulture activities mainly on mulberry cultivation, and floriculture of the state. He said Manipur now is promoting human development index and talent.

The programme was attended by secretary of Ministry of MSME, government of India, BB Swain; additional development commissioner of MoMSME, Sudha Keshari; MoMSME joint secretary, Mercy Epao and Manipur MSME official, entrepreneurs of Manipur.


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