Locals inspect CHC Nungba, threaten to impose total shutdown on NH-37

Rongmei Naga Luh Phwam Manipur (RNLPM) G Akhuan expressed dissatisfaction over the repeated transfer of doctors from CHC Nungba.

ByTamenglong Correspondent

Updated 31 Jan 2023, 4:01 pm

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The people of Nungba area led by the women’s society inspected CHC Nungba in Tamenglong district on Tuesday and cautioned that a total shutdown will be imposed on NH-37 if more doctors are transferred out.  

The joint inspection team was led by vice president, Rongmei Naga Luh Phwam Manipur (RNLPM) G Akhuan. Speaking to the media, G Akhuan expressed dissatisfaction over the repeated transfer of doctors from Nungba CHC.

She stated that two specialist doctors were transferred out from Nungba despite the acute shortage of doctors and staff in the CHC Nungba.

Nungba being located at the centre of NH-37 between Jiribam and Imphal and being a strategic location, it needs to have a surplus doctors and staff always to respond to any medical challenges.

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She continued that the people of Nungba area requested and mounted pressure upon the CMO Noney not to allow their transfer out of CHC Nungba, but one was released despite their fervent appeals.

She said that on Monday, another memorandum from the Directorate of Health and  Services ordered Dr Angkong Rongmei who has been posted at CHC Nungba and others to report at Tamenglong District Headquarters by February 1, 2023 or face action.


The RNLPM vice president fervently appealed to the Government of Manipur to send more specialist doctors, X-Ray and Ultrasound Technicians as soon as possible.

The inspection team cautioned the government and CMO Noney not to release Dr Angkong Rongmei from CHC Nungba “or face NH-37 total shutdown with immediate effect from the moment of his release.”


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Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur


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