Liangmais rally against Konsakhul violence, ask Leilon to vacate village

Hundreds of Liangmais took out a rally from Indira Gandhi Tribal University at Makhan Village and went through National Highway and concluded at the Makhan village main gate.

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Updated 31 Mar 2023, 11:19 am

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Amid the rising tension between Leilon Vaiphei and Konsakhul under Leimakhong Police Station, a large number of people under the aegis of the Liangmai Naga Students’ Union (Eastern Zone) on Thursday took out a rally in protest against the vandalizing of a JCB and detention of Konsakhul villagers by Leilon Vaiphei village in Manipur.

Following the vandalizing of a JCB and abduction of villagers on March 26, fresh violence had erupted again in which six Konsakhul villagers were allegedly assaulted by Leilon Vaiphei while 22 others villagers of Konsakhul were severely injured in police action.

The peace rally started from Indira Gandhi Tribal University at Makhan Village and went through National Highway and concluded at the Makhan village main gate.

A large number police team led by additional SP operations of Imphal west police, M Amit and OC of Sekmai PS rushed to the site and took up extra measures to prevent any unwanted incident.

A confrontation took place between the police team and those villagers attending the rally after the police tried to control the route of the rally to prevent any untoward incidents.


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In connection with the rally, chairman of Liangmai Naga Student’s Union (Eastern Zone), Timothy Chawang said that the peace rally is organised by Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi, Eastern zone (LNKR) and Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi, Manipur.

The organisation strongly condemned the incident and urged the government to take action against the Leimakhong police personnel for arresting innocent villagers.

He urged the state government to take up steps to bring peace between the two villages.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Konsakhul Village Authority, D Adam Liangmai in a statement termed the villagers of Leilon Vaiphei village as illegal immigrants.

Konsakhul (Konsaram) has resolved not to extend or renew the permission to settle it had granted to Leilon Vaiphei village in 1920, he said.

It is the considered opinion of Konsakhul village that in general public interests Leilon Vaiphei village must leave the Konsakhul village premises for good as they have forfeited the goodwill and trust of Konsakhul people, he added.


On humanitarian grounds, Konsakhul allowed Leilon Vaiphei village to settle in the northern part of Konsakhul on the condition that they abide by the customary laws, rules and regulations of Konsakhul village. For some time, they pretended to abide by the customary laws, rules and regulations of the village. But as their number increased, they went against the spirit of the agreement and undermined the interests of Konsakhul village and its people, the statement stated.

It also stated that soon after Leilon Vaiphei village defied Konsakhul authority and landownership by not paying the customary taxes and tributes it had agreed to pay to Konsakhul. They even made fun of the humanitarian gesture and the permission granting them to settle on the soil of Konsakhul.

However, for many years people of Konsakhul and neighboring Naga villages tolerated the goondaism of Leilon Vaiphei village with the belief that they would mend their ways as they are supposed to be fellow tribals and Christians.

Further, in spite of repeated warnings, thugs of Leilon Vaiphei village have been involved in waylaying travellers to rob, rape, assault and kidnap people passing by the road to Leimakhong.

Showing scant regards for the common good, they have wilfully engaged in wanton destruction of forests cover in the name of hunting, poisoned the upstream river which drains into the Singda Dam in the name of fishing, and rears mithun in the river upstream polluting the river with cattle's urine and excreta.

In fact, we have planted more than one lakh fifty thousand tree saplings in the catchment area of Singda river under the theme of Singda Dam Kanse in the last 10 years, as lakhs of the people in the valley including Leilon Vaiphei villagers are drinking from it. We are convinced that such behaviour is not a sign of a good neighbour who intends to live in harmony with nature or the people who have provided them shelter, it added.


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