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Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong and Noney condemn killing of Saratkumar

A press release by the information and publicity, Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong and Noney on Friday stated that the Kuki apex body condemned the killing of Soibam Saratkumar Singh by unknown miscreants.

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Updated 8 Jun 2024, 12:56 pm

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Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong and Noney districts, Manipur, have vehemently condemned the killing of Saratkumar by unknown miscreants while appealing the release one Kuki who was apprehended by suspected militant on Thursday.

In the aftermath of a person found beheaded at Jiribam district of Manipur on Thursday, irate mob of Jiribam set ablaze three abandoned villages of Kuki in Jiribam district on the same night.

A press release by the information and publicity, Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong and Noney on Friday stated that the Kuki apex body condemned the killing of Soibam Saratkumar Singh by unknown miscreants. It appealed the authority concerned to book the culprits at the earliest.

Moreover, the Kuki Inpinstated that one L Thianmuang, 40, son of late Luai, Vengnuam Dibong Khunou, Jiribam was captured from his residence at around 6.30 pm on Thursday by unknown miscreants in black outfit. His whereabouts is unknown till present, they said.

The apex body appealed for his safe release and also appealed the authority concerned to find him at the earliest possible to prevent further aggravation of the situation.


The Kuki Inpi is also appalled at the provocative attitude and action of burning Kuki-Zo-Hmar houses  on Thursday night at Uchathol Hmar veng, Vengnuam Paite Veng and Songkoveng.

Blatantly blaming the Kuki zo tribals for the murder of  Saratkumar Singh without any slight evidence and thereby attacking Kuki Zo tribals solely indicates that some people are insistent on bringing upon the Manipur crisis to Jiribam area which had remained at peace till now.

The Kuki Inpi is also greatly dismayed as to how Kuki Zo houses could be attacked and burnt the whole night in spite of imposing Curfew under CrPC 144 and appealed to the concerned authority to be stringent upon miscreants creating havoc in the area so that further escalation of violence may be prevented.

The Kuki Inpi also appealed to the general public, CSOs and community leaders particularly to those of Kuki Zo and Meetei communities not to aggravate the situation but to stand for peace.

The Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong and Noney along with District authorities, Jiribam CSOs and leaders had been toiling hard to maintain peace and tranquillity in the area since the beginning of Manipur ethnic crisis, it said and further appealed to the people to abide by peace.

Organisation mourns death of S Saratkumar


Apunba Imagi Machasing (AIMS), Manipur on Friday mourned the death of its former colleague, Soibam Saratkumar from Jiribam who was found allegedly murdered by suspected militants on Thursday.

A release jointly issued by AIMS president, Mayanglambam Khelendro and Director, Atom Sunil Singh, condoled his untimely death and said that it has created a big vacuum that will be hard to fill.

Saratkumar’s vision will continue to live through his projects and the people whom he helped, it stated and also shared grief with the bereaved family and friends.

It mentioned the incident stating that Saratkumar went missing after he had gone to his farm and later his body was found with wounds allegedly inflicted by a sharp object. He was a former coordinator of the Cane and Bamboo plantation project in Jiribam and worked tirelessly for environmental conservation and the people of the district, it stated.

He was a sincere dedicated farmer and a true lifelong learner and his enthusiasm for his work was contagious, leaving the people grateful for the opportunity to work with him, it added.

AIMS also eulogised Saratkumar for his commitment to sustainable farming practices, particularly in the cultivation of cane and bamboo and asserted that his efforts not only contributed to environmental conservation but also served as an inspiration for many in the community, it added.



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