Inner Manipur candidate Bimol Akoijam cancels campaign after attacks

Zeliangrong groups against threat to independent Alyson Abonmai

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Updated 14 Apr 2024, 7:17 pm


In a disturbing turn of events, unknown individuals opened fire at the campaign site in Moirang Phairembam in Bishnupur district where the INC Inner Manipur candidate, Bimol Akoijam had planned to organise his election campaign on Friday.

As per sources, Bimol Akoijam was scheduled to visit the said location and Naranseina upon the request of the locals of Moirang Phairembam, following his successful campaign in Kwakta.

Due to the perceived threat, the INC candidate has been forced to cancel his election campaign at both locations.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of political candidates and the conduct of elections in the region.

The motive behind the firing remains unclear, while an investigation is underway to identify the individuals responsible and ascertain their intentions behind the attack.

Local authorities have been alerted, and security measures have been heightened to ensure the safety of the public and political candidates participating in the upcoming elections.

The incident drew reactions from the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), calling for stringent action against those responsible for the act of violence.

It may be recalled that Bimol Akoijam had earlier received threats from unknown individuals who came to his house and told his family members that the candidate must meet them at a place, while warning not to disobey their order.

The candidate and MPCC had requested the DGP’s office as well as the office of the Chief Electoral Office, Manipur for taking up necessary security measures by providing adequate security personnel for his protection.

Soon after the complaint, security provided to Bimol Akoijam was replaced by central forces.

The INC candidate of the Outer Manipur parliamentary constituency Alfred Kanngam Arthur was also repeatedly attacked with gunshots by armed miscreants at different events.

Meanwhile, the Zeliangrong Baudi-AMN and Zeliangrong Youth Front on Friday expressed discontent regarding disruption of independent candidate Alyson Abonmai's campaign at Noney and Tamenglong district headquarters on Thursday by some unknown persons and have urged all the four candidates to respect the voice of the people and to advise their respective supporters to refrain from indulging in violent and anti-social activities.

The two groups, in a joint release, alleged that the incident might have been carried out with a purported plan to deter the campaign activities of Abonmai. It asserted that indulging in violence and intimidation is suppressing the voice of the people and appealed to those concerned to refrain from such acts in future.

‘Let the people decide and exercise their wisdom in a free and fair manner in choosing the right person to be the people's representative without fear or influence’, the release stated.


The ensuing 18th Lok Sabha Election should not be the factor to create more division and misunderstanding, it maintained.

The contesting candidates must be allowed to carry out their campaign activities as the rules and provisions permitted without any hindrances or disturbances caused in all the areas encompassed under the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, it maintained.

The Liangmai Ruangdi Delhi NCR, a Liangmai tribe civil society based in Delhi, also on Friday condemned the obstruction of the election campaign of intending independent candidate of the upcoming 18th Outer Manipur Lok Sabha election, Alyson Abonmai by miscreants on Thursday. 

LRD, in a release, said that the incident which occurred at Noney and Tamenglong is a blatant violation and abuse of democracy. It appealed to all law-abiding citizens and peace-loving people to promote the right environment for free and fair conduct in the forthcoming 18th Lok Sabha election.

It further requested Civil Societies and Communities to promote and propagate the significance and necessity of an election devoid of coercion, electoral fraud or voter suppression and encourage/practice political freedoms and fair processes, fair count of eligible voters who cast a ballot, and acceptance of election results by all parties.


The Liangmai Katinah Ruangdi Delhi (LKRD)  also condemned the recent disruption of the election campaign of Alyson Abonmai and said that such an untoward act of sabotaging a free and fair election campaign signifies the captivity of democracy.

LKSD, in a release, maintained that it is the right of every citizen in a democracy to participate in free and fair elections, ensuring that their voices are heard and their choices respected. However, recent events have shaken this foundation and cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process, it said.

It stressed the need to ensure that electoral procedures are conducted in a manner that is free from coercion, manipulation, and undue influence and urged all the stakeholders involved in the electoral process to prioritise transparency, accountability, and integrity. It called upon all to denounce the electoral interference and work tirelessly to ensure that every citizen can exercise their right to vote without fear or intimidation.


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