Incessant attacks leave Kadangband villagers reeling

With no help whatsoever, the villagers of Kadangband have been left to fend for themselves with a small number of licensed arms in their possession as compared with the sophisticated weapons used by the militants.

ByRameshwor Elangbam

Updated 4 Nov 2023, 11:58 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)

Residents of Singda Kadangband and Singda Kadangband Part (I) under Semkai Assembly Constituency in the border area of Imphal West are still reeling under relentless violent attacks carried out by Kuki militants, leaving the people on the edge in fear.

As the state witnessed a spurt in bombing and shooting incidents in the wake of the devastating ethnic clash that broke out between two communities in the state on May 3, the residents of Singda Kadangband have been spending sleepless nights over the rising fresh onslaught by Kuki militants.

With no help whatsoever, the people have been left to fend for themselves with a smaller number of licensed arms in their possession as compared with the sophisticated weapons used by the militants.

The village authorities, fearing that what they have is not enough, have also resolved to find ways to buy arms and ammunition.

The report from this Imphal Free Press correspondent, during a visit to Singda Kadangband part (I), revealed a grim picture of the village and its residents, who are facing untold sufferings inflicted by this conflict.


Speaking exclusively to Imphal Free Press, a resident of Singda Kadangband part (I), Nungleppam Bobby said, Singda Kadangband is located just 16 km away from the bustling Imphal City, in the edge of Imphal West district. He stated that the village of 165 households has a population of 800 people.

"There are Naga and Kuki villages neighbouring Singda Kadangband. However, Meiteis comprise the majority of the population in the area," he said, adding that most of the villagers depend on farming and its related activities.

Bobby said, the chances of the communal conflict ending any time soon are getting dimmer and remain uncertain.

"Local Meitei/Meetei clubs of Singda Kadangband purchased around 30 licensed single and double barrels in 2007/8 for emergency and defence purposes as the village is located in the peripheral area," he stated.

On May 4, the village came under attack, with around eight Kuki militants using sophisticated weapons to attack the village, he recalled. He stated that the village volunteers, with their arms, faced the militants, engaging in a gun battle in which the eight Kukis were injured and were taken to Noney side.

Bobby further said that the village, as located on the border, has been tasked to not only fend for itself but the border too, making it a warzone. He expressed pride that regardless of the situation, the villagers have committed to face the fight and not flee.


He maintained that not a single Meitei/Meetei house has been set ablaze by militants during the conflict which has crossed 120 days. He asserted that the same is possible with the united efforts of the villagers, their sacrifice and commitment to stand their ground and resist the enemy’s attack and with the help of the arms they acquired earlier.

Bobby mentioned that the Kukis have attempted seven attacks in the Singda Kadangband village, in which two village volunteers were injured. He expressed apprehension that fear still looms large in the village, adding that the village remains vulnerable to Kuki militant attacks.

He expressed discontentment that the state government, instead of providing adequate manpower such as MR and BSF to fend the village from the militants’ attack, is attempting to remove it and urged the government to be sensible of the situation.

Bobby, reflecting on the situation facing the villages, asserted that all 165 households need to possess arms solely for defence against the Kuki militants’ terror attacks. He maintained that the village needed 135 weapons in addition to the 30 licensed arms they possessed.

He further reiterated the village authorities’ resolution to purchase additional arms and drew the attention of the people, highlighting the sufferings and hardships facing the villagers and urged the public for their support and assistance in ending the ongoing conflict.


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Rameshwor Elangbam

Rameshwor Elangbam

Thoubal, Manipur


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