Illegally parked vehicles seized in Imphal

Imphal traffic police to take serious actions under the Motor Vehicle Act against illegal parking in the capital city area.

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Updated 23 Jun 2022, 6:04 am

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The Traffic Control police wing in Imphal conducted a drive against illegal parking and illegal footpath encroachers in the capital city and seized several illegally parked vehicles on Wednesday.

The state government had launched certain measures by issuing various orders to ease traffic congestion in the Imphal City; however, the commuters are still ignoring the government orders and continuing the practice of illegal parking.

Although orders were issued concerning the rules for public parking and issuing of ban on public parking along the stretches of Paona and Thangal market, the commuters had been continuing to park at their own suitable parking spots by ignoring the government order.


Besides illegal parking of vehicles, most of the shopkeepers are also encroaching upon the footpath meant for pedestrians.

On the sideline of the drive at RIMS road, a team of traffic control police wing led by its superintendent of police, Wungpam Kasar told the media that commuters need to have some common sense before they decide to break the rules and park their vehicle where public parking is not allotted.

Commuters and pedestrians face inconveniences and issues due to the illegal parking and encroaching at footpath areas by shopkeepers, he added.

The traffic police will take serious actions under motor vehicle Act against illegal parking, he further said.

For Paona and Thangal market stretch, necessary action will be taken up against illegal parking and shopkeepers encroaching upon the footpath, said traffic SP. The drive was conducted along the RIMS road stretch, Uripok road, Khwairamband market area and others.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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