IDCF launched to reach zero child deaths due to diarrhoea

IDCF to be observed in Manipur from August 23 to September 5.

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Updated 23 Aug 2023, 6:53 pm

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The Intensified Diarrhorea Control Fortnight (IDCF), 2023 was launched on Wednesday with an ultimate goal to reach zero child deaths due to diarrhoea at the auditorium hall of DIPR, Nityaipat Chuthek, Imphal.

The programme was jointly organised by State Health Society, NHM, Manipur and Directorate of Health Services, Manipur. IDCF will be observed in Manipur from August 23 to September 5.

Health and family welfare minister S Ranjan who attended as chief guest said Asha workers and Anganwadi workers while spreading awareness on preventive measures of diarrhoea also need to spread awareness on the preventive measures against conjunctivitis and dengue.

He appealed to the people to learn the proper way of washing hands as most of the diseases are spreading for not maintaining proper hygiene. Healthcare workers need to be responsible for spreading awareness to the public, he mentioned. 


Director, social welfare Ng Uttam as guest of honour said people hold a misconception that a child suffering from diarrhoea should be fed rice with salt and without curry. He said that a child can face death during diarrhoea if adequate fluid is not given. As a first step, the child should be given ORS solution in order to stay hydrated, he added. 

Also, one should wash their hands properly in a correct way while making ORS solution as any bacteria or virus could be spread through dirty hands, he mentioned. Due to the present turmoil, around 12,000 children have been displaced and each guardian or parents take care of their hygiene, he said. 

Director state mission, NHM Somorjit Ningombam as guest of honour said any children suffering from diarrhoea should be given ORS solution to rehydrate and zinc tablets at least for 14 days so that their immune stay boosted.

The larger population of Manipur does not know the correct way of hand washing and to keep the diseases at bay, he said. One should know the correct way of hand washing and should have a habit of hand washing as well, he added.

The ultimate goal for IDCF is to reach zero child deaths due to diarrhoea. It may be mentioned that reduction of childhood mortality to 23 per 1,000 live births by 2025 is one of the prime goals of National Health Policy, 2019.


The objective of IDCF is to ensure high coverage of ORS and Zinc use rates in children with diarrhoea throughout the country. Inculcating appropriate behavior in caregivers for diarrhoea prevention and management of under five years children and special focus need to be accorded to the high priority areas and vulnerable communities.

It is said that diarrhoea can also be prevented by exclusive and continued breastfeeding, timely introduction of appropriate and safe complementary feeding, use of safe drinking water, hand washing, sanitation and immunization (Rotavirus Vaccine).

Total target beneficiaries for 2023 is 28,70,330 (under-5 children) and the target is to achieve 100 per cent.

State Commissioner health and family welfare, Pradeep Kumar Jha also attended the function as president.


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