Hunting of Amur Falcon banned, census planned

Hunting, catching, killing and selling of Amur Falcon banned in Noney district.

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Updated 14 Oct 2023, 3:44 am

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)
Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

The district magistrate of Noney has also banned the hunting, catching, killing and selling of Amur Falcon by anyone in the district or surrounding nearby areas with immediate effect. Earlier, DC Tamenglong had issued a similar order.

An order by Joseph Pauline Kamson, District Magistrate, Noney stated that hunting/killing/destruction of wildlife, including migratory birds Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis), locally known as “Akhuaipuna”, in any way for consumption or possession or otherwise is a punishable offence under Section 50 and 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Stating thus, the district magistrate, Noney, ordered “the total ban on hunting, catching, killing and selling of the bird - Amur Falcon “Akhuaipuna” by anyone in the district and nearby surrounding areas with immediate effect”.

Further stating that the migratory bird usually arrives in many parts of Tamenglong District and Noney District and bordering areas from second week of October and is like to roost till end of November, and as this period is considered crucial in the life cycle of Amur Falcons, the District Magistrate, Noney has also order banned air guns in the district and that they should be deposited with the respective village authority offices.


The concerned Village Authority as listed below shall keep the air guns deposited in their custody until the last flock leave their roosting place or till November 30, 2023, the order stated.

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The villages are Longmai, Raengkhung, Awangkhul, Taobam, Khongsang, Rengpang, Nungba, Kambiron, Khumji, Nagaching, Kabui Khullen, Puichi, Bakwa, Haochong and other areas under Noney District.

The order also stated that the report of the collection of air guns be submitted to the magistrate’s office by October 20, 2023.

Anyone found wilfully violating these prohibitory orders is liable to face consequence as per the Law of the land, the magistrate warned.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department, in a first in the state, would be carrying out a head count of Amur falcons in Zeliangrong-Naga dominated Tamenglong district where maximum of the birds roost.  The exercise is a part of its upcoming string of programmes to safeguard and protect Amur falcons.


Notably, a first batch of the small-sized raptors numbering around 20 /30 have landed in Tamenglong as locals on Friday witnessed them hovering in skies overhead a jungle close to the district headquarters.

After roosting for around a little more than a month, the falcons depart the state and fly towards the Southern and Eastern parts of Africa and flock for a short time before flying towards their breeding grounds, they added.

“We have engaged a prominent NGO from the state for conducting Amur falcon census on the spots (roosting sites). They will carry out the head count when the birds completely arrive in Tamenglong,” said Divisional Forest Officer of the Zeliangrong Naga-dominated district, Shri Amandeep said on Friday.

Generally, the number of birds flocked in the district varied from one roosting site to another, he said, adding that at some points, over 5,000 falcons roosted while more than 50,000 were seen flocking at other roosting sites, he added.

“Once the census is conducted, we would maintain data on their (falcons) arrival,” Shri Amandeep continued.


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