HPC recommends interim bail extension of six under trial prisoners

The interim bail period of six under trial prisoners has been extended by another three months starting April 1.

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Updated 2 Apr 2022, 5:15 am

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The High Powered Committee (HPC) of the Manipur State Legal Services Authority (MASLSA) on Friday recommended extension of interim bail period of six under trial prisoners (UTPs) for another three months starting April 1.

The recomendation was given during the 15th HPC meeting which was held on Friday. The HPC was constituted in pursuance of the direction of Supreme Court to oversee the release of prisoners on bail or parole as a measure to avoid congestion or overcrowding in jails in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, said MASLSA in a release.


Of the 15 under trial prisoners, whose term of interim bail has been extended by the 14th HPC meeting, it has been reported from the courts that two UTPs have been granted absolute bail by the concerned courts. Hence, the remaining 13 UTPs were taken up for consideration during the 15th HPC meeting, said MASLSA.

It stated that the report received from the respective courts as to the status of the process issued by the courts for securing the appearance of the 20 UTPs whose bail has been cancelled on the recommendation of the HPC, was also placed before the committee.

As per the report, their appearance has been secured and none had appeared before the courts, it mentioned.

The MASLSA also informed that in a report placed by the IG of Prisons, four convicts were recommended for release on parole and among them one has been released prematurely by the state government.

The IG further placed that there is no congestion in the jails and as the Covid situation has improved and there is no need for granting parole to the remaining three convicts, it added.


As per the IG, the Sajiwa Central Jail has a capacity of 845 prisoners and Imphal Central Jail has a capacity of 250 prisoners. At present, 515 prisoners and 31 prisoners are lodged in the jails respectively. 

In connection with the interim bails of seven UTPs who are no longer appearing before the courts, the committee  recommended to cancel the bails.

With regard to the UTPs, whose bails have been cancelled on recommendation by the HPC, and whose appearances are not secured still, it is resolved that the Home department may issue stringent instructions so that their appearance may be secured at the earliest, the release stated.

As far as the release of convicts on parole is concerned, the proposal placed by the lG of Prisons is accepted and further extension of the parole is not recommended as there is no congestion in prisons as of now and the COVID situation has improved as of date, it added.


First published:1 Apr 2022, 2:27 pm


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