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How to treat diarrhoea in children?

Don’t stop liquid diet, breast milk to children suffering from diarrhoea, says Health director, Dr K Rajo during the launch of IDCF at JNIMS, Imphal.

ByIFP Bureau

Updated 7 Jul 2022, 4:42 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


Providing medical advice to parents on how to treat diarrhoea in children, Manipur Health director Dr K Rajo, on Wednesday called on all the parents to stop the fallacy of preventing liquid diet or breast milk to children suffering from diarrhoea. Doing so will lead the child to severe dehydration which can cause circulatory, kidney and heart failure leading to death, the doctor cautioned.

The Health director was addressing the launch of the 15-day Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight (IDCF) at JNIMS in Imphal East by the Child Health Division, SHS, National Health Mission and Directorate of Health Services Manipur.

How to treat diarrhoea in children?

ORS and Zinc tablets: Pointing out that diarrhoea is not a disease but a complication, Dr Rajo said it can be successfully treated by administering the right amount of ORS and Zinc tablets.

Right amount of ORS: The standardised ORS powder recommended by WHO is always available, free of cost, from any ASHA workers or any healthcare centres, he said. He urged parents to administer the prescribed ORS immediately to their children after every episode of diarrhoea.


When to see a doctor? If the child continues drinking the ORS, parents should not delay in taking their kids to the nearest health care centre for treatment before the situation becomes worse, said Dr Rajo.

Fluid diet: When to give fluid diet?

In case of any unavailability of ORS powder, a fluid diet should be given to the child or else homemade ORS solution can be given, he added.

Hygiene: The director also stressed the need of maintaining a clean and hygienic surrounding and regular washing of hands with soap and water to prevent any diseases.

Common mistake in the treatment of diarrhoea

Avoid readymade ORS solution, use ORS powder: Manipur Social Welfare director Ng Uttam pointed out the common mistake of using readymade ORS solution in the treatment of diarrhoea.

Readymade ORS solution is not meant for use in diarrhoea but for simple rehydration. In case of diarrhoea people should use the ORS powder, he advised.


How to create awareness about diarrhea

Stressing the need of mass awareness on government’s programme like IDCF and others which will be helpful to the public, Dr Uttam pointed out that radio, newspaper and television are the most effective means for spreading awareness.

The Social Welfare director said, however, due to the limited amount of funds which can be sanctioned by a director or head of department for advertisement, the government departments are unable to put up advertisements on such awareness vastly as it is very expensive.

Appeal to the media

In this regard, the director made an appeal to media houses of Manipur to at least segregate the price of advertisement rate for at least those related with public awareness.

Doctors of JNIMS demonstrated proper ways of hand washing and making of ORS solution. The solution was also administered to four kids by the dignitaries of the function.

The function was also attended by director of Education (S) L Nandakumar as chief guest, director (in-charge) of Family Welfare Dr Dihe Mao and chief engineer of PHED Shangreiphao Vashumwo as guests of honour.


First published:7 Jul 2022, 4:39 am


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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