Historic monolith unveiled at Makhrai

. The monolith witnessed the historical roots of Onaeme, who once sojourned in Makhrai, dispersed and found their permanent settlement in Onaephung.


Updated 18 Apr 2023, 1:54 am

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A historic monolith at Makhrai (Makhel) erected by Onaeme (People of Oinam Hill village) was unveiled and blessed by S Pfokhreni, chief of Makhraimai (Makhel), in the presence of the village authority and elders of Makhraimai (Makhel village).

The ceremony was jointly hosted by Onaeme and Makhramai. Village elders, leaders, youth and villagers of Oinam Hill village and Taphou Onaeme took part in the historic occasion.


The historic monolith was erected by Onaeme affirming "our affinity, identity and fraternity with the Makhraimai (People of Makhel) and the rest of Naga tribes, sub-tribes and clans who once sojourned and dispersed from Makhrai (Makhel)", said the organisers and initiators of the programme. The monolith witnessed the historical roots of Onaeme, who once sojourned in Makhrai, dispersed and found their permanent settlement in Onaephung. Since the days at Makhrai, Onaeme produced earthen wares for cooking, rites and rituals purposes. The monolith had been unveiled for “Glory and honour unto God, who bestowed us (Nagas), our identity, history and land since ancient days and for ages to come.”

On this day, a genna had been observed in a traditional manner by abstaining from any form of physical work by all villagers of Oinam Hill Village and Taphou Onaeme village.

KS Benjamin Banee, ex-minister, spoke on behalf of Onaeme. He said that elders advised to search for roots and following their advice, after thorough researches and confirmation through historical facts and events, it was confirmed that Onaeme traced their roots to Makhel (Makhrai).

Benjamin Banee then spoke at length on the special relationship between Onaeme (People of Oinam Hill village) and Makhraimai (People of Makhel). He narrated that the chief of Makhraimai during the time of mass dispersal pleaded with the Onaeme to stay back and live in Makhel. The chief of Makhrai offered fields and land to appease Onaeme for permanent settlement in the village. Benjamin then said that the people of Onaeme ought to be grateful to Makhraimai for such a "generous and large-hearted offer".


Benjamin then stated Onaeme had been given a special gift of making earthen wares which were used by all the people of "Tenyimi family and neighbours" for cooking, fetching water, important rites and rituals centuries back. He said that among Tenyimi only Onaeme and Khuzama village produced earthen wares.

He enumerated that Tenyimi has ten tribes--five from Nagaland and five from Manipur. He stated that with the increasing population Onaeme had been spread out to Ngamju village, Tingsong village, Sorbung village and recently Taphou Onaeme village.

Ch John, catechist of Makhel RC Church, said the invocation of the programme and K Jonathan, pastor of MBCA Makhel pronounced the benediction and the programme was moderated by PT Soni Mathew Peshai.


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