Heirok Killing: Six accused remanded to 15-day judicial custody

Six accused persons in connection with the alleged killing Ningthoujam Rohit at Heirok Part-II, Mayai leikai were arrested on December 24 and sent to police custody.

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Updated on 4 Jan 2022, 5:23 pm

Heirok violence (File Photo: IFP)

Heirok violence (File Photo: IFP)

The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Thoubal on Tuesday sent six accused persons who were arrested in connection with the murder of Ningthoujam Rohit at Heirok Part-II, Mayai leikai to 15-day judicial remand.

Ningthoujam Rohit was shot dead in the wee hours of December 22 at Heirok, Thoubal in a poll-related violence.

The six accused persons in the alleged killing of Rohit were arrested on December 24 and remanded to police custody for 10 days. After the completion of 10-day police remand, they were produced before the chief judicial magistrate Thoubal, who sent them to 15-day judicial custody, on Tuesday.

The accused include Thokchom Henrik alias Naobi Singh ,29, son of Th Ibosana Singh of Heirok Part I Mayai Leikai; Khundongbam Nicky alias Anju Singh, 33, son of Kh Raghuchandra Singh of Heirok Part II Mayai Leikai; Laishram Biken Singh ,23, son of L Bimol Singh of Heirok Part II Mayai Leikai; Thokchom Bishworjit alias Putro Singh ,40, son of Th Ibochouba Singh of Heirok Part II Thokchom Leikai; Ningthoujam Panan Singh ,30, son of N Muhindro Singh of Heirok Part III Tourangbam Leikai; and Thokchom Sanathoi alias Lai Singh, 34, son of Th Dijen alias Lakpati Singh of Heirok Part II Mayai Leikai.


First published:4 Jan 2022, 4:01 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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