Everyone must extend hands in restoring peace: Manipur governor

Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey on Monday inaugurated the 15-day workshop of Sanamahism.

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Updated 21 Nov 2023, 2:54 am

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Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey on Monday called upon all sections of people in Manipur to strive collectively in fostering and restoring peace and normalcy in the state.

She stated that Manipur, a land with unique cultural and historical heritage, had been cornered into an unfortunate event for so long and it was time for everyone to do their part in instilling normalcy in the state.

She was speaking at the 15-day workshop on “Rites-de-passage” of Sanamahism (Sanamahi Laininggi pokpa, Luhongba amasung korou Nong-gabagi thouramsing) held at Haying Khongbal Uphong Yumpham, Imphal.

The workshop kicked off on November 11 and had been jointly organised by Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board and Manipur University of Culture.


The demonstration cum performances classes kicked off during the governor’s visit on Monday.

She pointed out hardships and challenges were unavoidable parts of the human experience and it was time for the people to focus on reconciliation and restoration of peace.

“Several untoward incidents have happened in the past few months which were extremely unfortunate but we must keep the ball rolling and look over the horizon towards a peaceful Manipur,” she said.

She stated that the workshop was crucial to keep alive the aged-old Sanamahi religion among the indigenous Meitei and other communities.

“It is my privilege to attend such an event which honours the ancient belief of several indigenous communities in the state. Sanamahi is a crucial part of the Meitei community and is followed by every Meitei across the globe,” she said.

She maintained that several ancient beliefs and practices were slowly eroding due to inevitable changes of modernisation.


“Although we cannot stop the winds of modernity, we must strive to retain traditional values and practices which are vital to the identity of communities in Manipur,” she said.

She exuded confidence that such workshops and classes would aid in educating the masses and spark young minds to do their bid in the preservation of such priceless knowledge.

The governor was accorded a warm traditional welcome and exposed to various customary practices such as Lei Langba, Yupan Thaba and Meiba Chingba before the initiation of the formal events.

Certificates were also distributed to resource persons of the workshop during the event.

Vice president of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board Vidyapati Senjam and vice chancellor of Manipur University of Culture professor Paonam Gunindro among others also attended the event.


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