Drug awareness campaigns in educational institutes: Manipur Education minister

Education Minister Th Basantakumar informed that sanitary pads dispensing machines will be installed across all colleges in Manipur.

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Updated 4 Apr 2023, 4:16 am

(PHOTO: Twitter)
(PHOTO: Twitter)

Manipur Education Minister Th Basantakumar on Monday stated that awareness campaigns against drugs will be initiated at schools and colleges across the state to protect students, who are main targets of drug abuse.

He was speaking at the inaugural event of the second Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme organised by DDU Kaushal Kendra Dhanamanjuri Community College, which will be held for three days, at central hall D M College of Science, Imphal. The CME programme has been organised under the theme ‘Advances in Allied Healthcare Sciences’.

The education minister pointed out that the awareness campaign has been organised with the core objective to prevent youths, especially the students from trying or tasting any sort of drugs. Tasting any drugs inculcates a habit which leads to addiction, Basantakumar added.

He highlighted that the campaign will include a vast array of programmes to make sure the students are well aware of the effects associated with drug use.

“Poster campaigns, advertisements and other innovative programmes will be included to show how drug use can change an individual’s character and social ties,” he said.

The minister further mentioned that the move had been taken as a precautionary measure to protect and safeguard the young students of the state.

Earlier Manipur was a drug transit point but now it has transformed into a manufacturer; the main target of people in drug business is to create new customers, which unfortunately are the youths and students of Manipur, he added.


The education minister further informed that sanitary pads dispensing machines will be installed across all colleges in Manipur.

He maintained that the move had been taken to break the stereotypical taboos associated with the female period and ensure good hygiene and health for girl students at educational institutes.

“It is nothing to be ashamed of; the government has started installing the dispensing machines at a few colleges,” he noted.

Basantakumar also highlighted that the state government is working on a joint venture with Hitachi and CSIR to provide essential medical kits to schools and colleges, particularly in the hill districts of Manipur. The venture is yet to materialize but the responsibility for the distribution will be handed over to concern Zonal Education officers (ZEO) across the state, he added.

On the occasion, Basantakumar highlighted that education and health are the backbone of developed societies across the globe.

“The two sectors go hand in hand; one without the other is similar to a bird with only one wing”, he added.

He mentioned that students should actively participate in such programmes to straighten their focus, to inculcate good discipline and work ethics. As such the education minister requested all the students participating in the programme to develop soft skills and enhance their knowledge during the programme.


Meanwhile, state Health minister Sapam Ranjan pointed out that creating a digital platform for conventional X-ray results using a WiFi system is the top priority of the health department at the moment. The platform will be made operational in every corner of the state, he added.

Ranjan highlighted that cutting medical treatment expenses of patients is another immediate goal of the government. 

“Diagnostics, pharmaceutical expenses are major areas draining pockets during medical treatment as such, free diagnostics services will be provided in all hospitals, CHCs and sub health centres in all districts of Manipur,” he informed.

The health minister also appealed to authorities of the Dhanamanjuri Community college to initiate study programmes in line with the government’s National Blindness Control programme which aims to provide free cataract surgeries for elderly and reduce avoidable illnesses which lead to blindness among the people. 

Day one of the CME programme kicked off with a technical session from two guest speakers, CMD of Babina groups Th Dhabali singh and MIMS Manipur University professor Ch Ibohal Meitei.

Vice chancellor of Dhanamanjuri University professor N Rajmuhon singh, principal of DM College of Science professor M Bhubaneshwari Devi and director of DM Community college L Hemchandra Singh along with students and staff of the college took part in the inaugural function.


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