Double-engine government failed: Manipur former MLAs

Veteran politician O Joy alleged the Centre of meting out step motherly treatment to Manipur and violating all democratic ethos and principles by keeping the conflict stoked.

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Updated 6 Oct 2023, 4:13 am


As many as eight Manipur former MLAs and ministers on Wednesday lambasted the double-engine BJP government for allegedly failing to mete out double power measures to safeguard the territorial, administrative and emotional integrity of Manipur.

The former legislatures rebuked Chief Minister N Biren Singh for “despicably failing to take any decisive measures and steering the state into a constitutional crisis.”

They further alleged that the Centre was only concerned about the 2024 Lok Sabha election and least bit interested in the Manipur turmoil.

Speaking to the media at Manipur Press Club, veteran politician O Joy alleged the Centre of meting out step motherly treatment to Manipur and violating all democratic ethos and principles by keeping the conflict stoked.

“The Centre should initiate measures for a long term peaceful settlement by setting up a negotiation platform but till now no concrete steps have been witnessed in this regard,” he said.


He questioned why the state authorities were shackled from taking actions against the 10 Kuki MLAs who violated their constitutional oath to protect Manipur from foreign and domestic threats.

“Will the Prime Minister or home minister remain silent if such an MP placed the demand for separation from the country on the floor of the parliament?” he asked.

He pointed out that not a single ruling MLA could muster the courage to vow for the protection of Manipur’s territorial integrity during the theatrical 11 minute assembly session.

The session was an insult to the sufferings of thousands who had lost their loved ones and properties, he added. He noted that it was the common people and not the central or state forces who were fighting at the forefront of the conflict.

“Ironically, instead of protecting the people and property they turn their guns towards the unarmed protesters,” he said.

He alleged the government of being active actors only when a video or photo went viral.

He questioned if they are waiting for a next video or photo to surface to take action.
Joy further demanded the authorities to ascertain the whereabouts of the bodies of the two deceased students.


Meanwhile, Former legislator Nimaichand Luwang alleged that the Central BJP government was more focused on the 2024 Lok Sabha election and was not sweating over the violence embroiling Manipur.

“They are hands in pocket with the militants and are more worried about their campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha election,” he said.

He further maintained that although the involvement of fringe elements was true to some extent, BJP was intentionally diverting people’s attention away from their failure by tilting the entire blame on foreign infiltration.

“If this is true as the Central and state leaders claim, why have not they abrogated the SoO agreement with certain militant groups?” he asked.

He also informed that the MLAs could be expelled if they failed to abide by the house’s procedure for around six months.

Former MLA of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa RK Anand, Former speaker Irengbam Hemochandra, former MLA L Jayenta among other former MLAs were present during the press conference.


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