Don't mix political campaign and government flagship programmes: Congress

INC (Manipur in-charge) Bhakta Charan Das said that a government should not to be runned or get influenced by a political party.

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Stop using BJP name in the flagship programme of the government. Use of a political party name in government programmes is unconstitutional, said INC (Manipur in-charge) Bhakta Charan Das on Friday.

Speaking to the media at the office of MPCC at BT Road, Imphal West, Das lamented that a government should not to be runned or get influenced by a political party. He was referring to the various go to village programmes conducted in various parts of the state as an election campaign of the BJP. 

Regarding a statement made by Chief Minister N Biren Singh in a political conference held on Thursday which says, "Vote for BJP,  we will give peace," Das said, "Such threatening statement made by a chief minister of a state by raising his finger to the public is unfortunate."

It is like saying that the BJP will bring unrest if they do not get votes, he said, demanding the chief minister to amend his words which is highly objectionable.

Das also criticised the BJP as a political party that adopts the mode of violence to come into power.

Opposite of it, the Congress is the party which has been working for the benefits of mankind in a peaceful manner following the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, he added. 

Pointing out that the various welfare programmes such as MGNREGS, distribution of PDS rice were all implemented by the UPA government, he said. However, due to irresponsible acts of the present NDA government, those schemes face many deficits in implementation, he added.

Regarding the organising of the 'Go to Village' programme during the end of the five years tenure of the state government, Das said it clearly shows that the government neglected the villagers for almost four-and-half years. 

They remember the villagers only when the election is knocking on the door, he added.  

Talking on the "Sarkar Taribra" campaign launched by MPCC on November 17, he said that the Congress has received over 1,200 calls from the public which highlight pertaining issues that reflect the serious misgovernance of the BJP-led government.

Despite PR campaigns of the chief minister, Sarkar Taribra exposed the on-ground reality and held the chief minister accountable, he said, adding the callers have brought up a wide range of issues from poor civic amenities like lack of water supply, bad roads and connectivity within the state to the failure of government schemes like access to ration, housing loan under PMAY among others.

"This is the reality of Manipur under BJP Govt. These are all very serious issues and the chief minister must accept his failures," contended Das. 

Very soon the Congress leaders will also be taking this campaign on-ground so they can reach out even to those people who have not been able to call them, he added.

First published:3 Dec 2021, 1:18 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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