CPI criticises government inaction on Manipur crisis

CPI national secretary Palap Sen Gupta emphasised the urgent need for government action to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur.

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Updated 7 Jan 2024, 5:29 pm

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CPI national secretary Palap Sen Gupta on Sunday condemned both the state and central governments for their perceived lack of political will in restoring peace in violence-stricken Manipur and accused them of exploiting the situation for electoral gains in the upcoming elections.

Addressing the media at Hotel Nirmala in Imphal, Gupta emphasised the urgent need for government action to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur. 


He criticised the prolonged silence of Prime Minister Modi on the crisis, questioning how many more deaths and displacements the PM is waiting for before intervening.

Gupta urged the state government to convene an Assembly session as a constitutional means to address the situation. 

Highlighting the strong security agencies in the country, he asserted that with political will, they can effectively contain the violence.

The CPI leader disclosed that an extended executive committee meeting was held in Imphal on Saturday, focusing on the Manipur situation, its resolution, upcoming elections, and related matters. The primary emphasis was on restoring law and order to halt the "flow of blood of Manipuri people," he said, adding that for the CPI election can wait as it is not urgent compared to restoration of peace.


Gupta went on to informed that the CPI does not believe in adhoc based solution as the present crisis is deep rooted with the history of Manipur. In this regard, the party will soon come up with a comprehensive document on Manipur unrest compiled by historians, he maintained. 

Additionally, he revealed plans for a mass three-day hunger strike by the CPI to demand peace restoration in Manipur, likely scheduled after the Congress's Nyay Yatra. The CPI affirmed its support for the INDIA alliance during this initiative.

M Nara and L Sotinkumar were among the CPI leaders who accompanied rhe national secretary during the press briefing.


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