CPI announces candidates for Manipur Assembly elections 2022

CPI/MSC will play a crucial role in the formation of a non-BJP government by forming an alliance with a like minded party, national executive member of CPI Moirangthem Nara said.

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The Communist Party of India - Manipur State Council (CPI/MSC) on Sunday announced Yengkhom Roma Devi and RK Amusana as their candidates for the upcoming state assembly election, 2022.

Amid the ongoing campaign by various political groups, CPI/MSC became the first party to announce their candidate for the first phase. Yengkhom Roma Devi hails from Kakching Sumak Leikai for 7-Kakching Assembly Constituency while RK Amusana is from Khurai Sajor Leikai for 3-Khurai Assembly Constituency.

Both candidates are executive members of CPI/MSC.

Addressing the media at Irawat Bhawan on Sunday, state secretary, CPI/MSC L Sotinkumar said that they will sacrifice and put in all possible efforts to bring a new non-BJP government that will strictly preserve and protect the democracy, secularism and constitution of India at any cost. The CPI/MSC is observing minutely the party whom they will lend their support to, he added.

The present political scenario of the state is in pathetic condition, Sotinkumar lamented adding that through the means of money and muscle power, BJP is trying hard to bring their power in the state again. The CPI/MSC doesn't take the coming election very lightly, he asserted.

Supplementing the conference, national executive member of CPI Moirangthem Nara said that the kind of political campaign being conducted nowadays never happened before.

The situation is very complex and complicated unlike previous elections, Nara stated. Nowadays, election campaigns have been converted as a festival of flags, posters and gun mela. Political parties have exceeded in taking political opportunities rather than maintaining political commitment, he observed.

Nara said that the right candidate can be successfully elected only when electoral reformation takes place. As such CPI/MSC will fight for this cause right after the election, however, for time being, the party will appeal for free and fair election, he added.

He continued that hoisting of party flags by workers has become a fascination. This is one reason for growing tension and poll violence in the constituency. As such, the Election Commission of India should remove all such posters and flags within 24 hours of notification, Nara noted.

He stated that they would field only a few candidates for the upcoming election. However, the party would play a crucial role in the formation of a non-BJP government by forming an alliance with a like minded party. However, they will only later declare the party which they would go along with, Nara said.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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