Congress to complain against CEO Manipur

Manipur Congress president K Meghachandra expressed dissatisfaction with the CEO of Manipur for not taking action against complaints of defying the model code of conduct within the Chief Minister's bungalow.

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Updated 8 Apr 2024, 11:59 pm


The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Sunday launched a scathing attack on the BJP in Manipur for allegedly misinterpreting the election manifesto of the INC "Nyay Patra".

The state Congress president, K Meghachandra, also expressed dissatisfaction with the CEO of Manipur for not taking action against complaints of defying the model code of conduct within the Chief Minister's bungalow.

He warned that a formal complaint would be lodged against the CEO Manipur to the ECI if prompt action is not taken.

Decrying the misinterpretation of its manifesto Meghachandra said, the MPCC has recommended proper schooling of BJP office bearers to ensure clarity and understanding of political documents.


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Addressing the media at Congress Bhawan in Imphal, MPCC president K Meghachandra stated, "It is unfortunate that the BJP is attempting to mislead the public with election propaganda by misinterpreting the 'Nyay Patra', which has been acclaimed as the best manifesto by intellectuals."

Meghachandra further clarified that there was nothing inappropriate in the manifesto's reference to replacing the current Manipur government, criticising the present government for its failure to address the ongoing crisis and meet the needs of the people.

Highlighting specific promises within the manifesto, Meghachandra emphasised the proposal to appoint a Reconciliation Commission.

This commission aims to bring about a political and administrative settlement that will be satisfactory to all the people of Manipur, he said urging the BJP to thoroughly understand the manifesto's content before making any public statements or propaganda.

Responding to the BJP's claims, Meghachandra posed a counter question, asking if the BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, have made any statements reflecting the welfare initiatives presented in the INC manifesto.

On the contentious issues of ST demands and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Meghachandra revealed that Congress MLAs have consistently raised the ST issue in the Assembly under various agendas.

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Regarding the NRC, which was included in the Kangla Declaration, Meghachandra criticized the ruling BJP for refusing to adopt a resolution on this declaration despite it being proposed by Congress MLAs.

INC candidate for inner Manipur Prof Bimol Akoijam said, linking the term "separate administration" to the word "administration" mentioned in the INC's manifesto by the BJP is unjust.

He advised the BJP to understand the clear-cut meaning of the Reconciliation Commission, pointing out that reconciliation has played a pivotal role in many historic decisions globally.

In conclusion, both Meghachandra and Akoijam stressed the importance of political parties and their leaders serving the people with facts rather than resorting to misleading propaganda.


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