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COCOMI appeals for constructive criticism

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Updated 8 Sept 2023, 4:07 pm

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Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba on Thursday claimed that the attempt to push back the security barricades at Phougakchao Ikhai on Wednesday was a moral victory.

While welcoming the call for unity among different CSOs from different sections of the society, Jeetendra said, coming together of CSOs would take time.

COCOMI is an apex body originally formed by different civil society organizations, including AMUCO, CCSK, HERICOUN, LIPUL, UCM and others.

Coordinator Jeetendra said, COCOMI, with the support from people from different areas of Manipur  was able to reach Phougakchao Bazaar (Kangvai) on Wednesday although many people were injured in the action of the combined security forces.

He alleged that a misunderstanding was created by the state government. The approval to reach Phougakchao Bazar was given by the authority concerned; however, the protesters were kept waiting for hours in the scorching sun.


Subsequently, the mob became irritated by the delay tactics and it resulted in a scuffle between protesters and the combined security forces, which led to the injury of over hundred protesters including one camera person of ANI.

Amid the curfew imposed in Imphal West, Imphal East, Bishnupur, Thoubal and Kakching district, thousands of supporters turned up, and COCOMI appreciated the support extended by the people to the coordinating body, he added.
COCOMI also wished for speedy recovery to the protesters who were injured in the incident, he added.

Jeetendra further said that amid the ongoing crisis some groups and individuals are attempting to mislead the people. COCOMI expressed disappointment against such activities as they could demoralize the people of Manipur in the present movement to save Manipur.

He said those who are trying to mislead the people in the present movement to save Manipur will be taken as directly or indirectly helping those who are trying to disintegrate Manipur.

He mentioned that some groups or individuals are criticizing the COCOMI during TV discussions and social media platforms.

“COCOMI welcomes such criticism as there may be some mistakes in the movement. We seek apologies from the public and further appeal to provide COCOMI the room to correct its mistakes,” said Jeetendra.


He appealed to the people to remain cautious while passing criticism and urged them to give constructive criticism instead.

As COCOMI is an apex body formed by various CSOs, any individual or group need not give lessons to the coordinating body regarding the consolidation of CSOs.

A group, ‘Youths of Manipur’, has demanded to join all the groups in order to strengthen the present movement, he said.  COCOMI warmly welcomes the demand; however, they should restrain from dictating the CSOs by putting deadlines on certain matters, he mentioned.

Each CSOs was formed with a certain ideology and joining together in the complex society of Manipur will be hard; therefore, joining all the CSOs of Manipur will take time, he added.

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