CM Biren refutes razing of Thengra Leikai

Video evidence contradicts the report that Thengra Leikai in Churachandpur had been completely razed, CM Biren said.

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Updated 2 Sept 2023, 5:44 pm

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Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Thursday refuted the report that Thengra Leikai in Churachandpur had been completely razed.
The government possesses video evidence that contradicts these claims, indicating no such occurrences, Biren said.
He, however, acknowledged instances of vandalism and assured citizens that the matter will be investigated thoroughly.
During a visit by Manipur Human Rights Commission chairperson Justice UB Shah, the Meitei village was found completely razed to the ground after which he instructed the DC to protect Meitei villages in the district.
Biren was replying to a query made by the media after attending the state-level celebration of Meri Maati Mera Desh at Manipur State Film Development Society auditorium in Imphal East.
He announced that strides have been taken towards the resettlement of displaced individuals back to their original land.

This initiative involves the meticulous process of rebuilding houses in verified secure areas through concerned MLAs.

Addressing concerns regarding discrepancies in the addresses listed on health cards of displaced individuals from Moreh, the chief minister was quick to clarify the matter.


He stated that addresses were meticulously recorded, ensuring accuracy and adherence to nearby areas. He emphasised that no alterations were made to names or addresses, and any errors that have surfaced will promptly be rectified under the supervision of the responsible authorities.

He emphasised the presence of sufficient security personnel to maintain public safety.


Biren further conveyed that while the government is actively addressing the current challenges, a comprehensive plan for the resettlement of displaced individuals at their respective lands is being devised.

This plan will be executed once the prevailing situation attains a state of calm and stability, he added.


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IFP Bureau

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