CM Biren assures to eradicate poppy from Manipur by 2023

The Manipur chief minister warned that anyone involved in the illegal plantation of poppy will not be spared.

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Updated 19 Jan 2023, 8:37 pm

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Thursday assured that he will not allow harvest of even a single pot of poppy plant as he plans to eradicate poppy plants totally from the soil of Manipur  2023. He also warned that he will not spare anyone involved in the illegal plantation of poppy, even if his family members were involved.

Addressing the media at state BJP office located at Nityaipat Chuthek, Imphal, the chief minister said no MLA came to enquire when the police department destroyed drug manufacturing units. However, when narcotics were seized from police personnel one of the elected members of Manipur Legislative Assembly came and enquired regarding the matter, the CM said and warned that the elected member who enquired at the SP’s office should take responsibility if the drug case is not solved.

“Involvement of police personnel in a drug case is not the first time, it has been occurring before the coming of the BJP government”, the chief minister said.

Superintendent of police, Kakching, has sent a written complaint to the concerned authorities regarding the enquiry made by one of the elected members of Manipur Legislative Assembly. In the complaint, the SP said the enquiry made by the elected member has hampered the investigation, said Biren.


He said the elected member should take responsibility if the particular drug case is not solved and added that the issue will reach the assembly floor.

Earlier this week on Monday, President of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) K Meghachandra had questioned, after meeting Superintendent of police, Kakching, whether the War on Drugs campaign was a hoax. “We support it. So, do not make it a failure but make it credible”, he had stated.

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The CM informed that three drones, which are to be used for agricultural purposes, are being used currently for spraying herbicides to destroy poppy plants and the government is trying to add another 57 drones. In the last few days, the result of spraying herbicide has given a positive result as the poppy plants started drying. Till Thursday, the drones have covered over 200 acres of poppy plants and the area is still counting, the CM added.


Before the coming monsoon season, 60 drones will be used for seeding of trees in the hill areas too.

He said that, in an aerial survey, many hill areas of the state are used for jhum and terrace cultivation but the same hill range is not affected. However, mass deforestation is seen just for poppy cultivation. Besides, the use of chemicals and salt is one of the main reasons for drying of river water and soil erosion, the chief minister added.

Biren also said that the ‘War on Drugs’ campaign is not only for the BJP government but to eradicate poppy from the state and appealed for not politicalising the issue.

For alternative crops to poppy cultivation, the government has earmarked Rs 7.5 crores, said Biren.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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