BJP in Manipur is non-performing government: Former Union minister V Narayanasamy

Former Union minister V Narayanasamy alleged the Central government of neglecting Manipur and said that corruption is rampant in Manipur.

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Updated 15 Jan 2023, 1:29 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


Former Union minister and observer to Manipur of the Congress party, V Narayanasamy on Saturday termed the BJP government in Manipur a "non-performing government", and said the political situation in Manipur is plagued with the use of money power and misuse of government machinery by the BJP government.

Addressing mediapersons on Saturday at Congress Bhawan, Imphal, Narayanasamy alleged the Central government of neglecting Manipur and said that corruption is rampant in Manipur.

Evidence has been submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and rural development minister about corruption but the issue was not acted on by Modi, he said, adding that the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has demanded a CBI enquiry.

Recalling Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remark on Manipur being descendent of Arjun, Narayanasamy said that Manipur has its own value, culture, identity and people are proud of it.

Remarking people of Manipur as descendants of Arjun is insulting to the people of Manipur, he said, adding that it is BJP’s attitude and they cannot play on sentiments of the people of Manipur.


Narayanasamy also said that no regular recruitment through commission has taken place in Manipur but only contractual works. Almost all development work inaugurated was brought by Congress government and inaugurated by BJP government, he stated.

The BJP government in Manipur is a publicity government and non-performing government, he said.

The observer to the state said that Rahul Gandhi started Bharat Jodo Abhiyan in September 2022, covering several states and so far, he’s covered from Kanyakumari remote area to several states and now he is in Punjab.

According to schedule, Rahul will be completing his 147 days yatra and 3500 km yatra in Srinagar on January 30, 2023. During his yatra, he was joined by thousands of Congress leaders, workers and supporters to congress, he informed.

The purpose of Rahul Gandhi starting the Bharat Jodo Abhiyan is to bring together the entire nation and to strengthen it. The yatra stands as a turning point in the history of India and is the biggest mass conduct programme after independence, he said.

Narayanasamy mentioned that Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British rule for India's freedom. Today, in the country, under the BJP rule and Narendra Modi-led government, there is no freedom of speech, people cannot raise their voice. All youth have been controlled by income tax, CBI, ED have been used to take revenge on the former political leader by the Modi government.

The Central government ignored the basic values of the constitution, democracy has become a big question mark. Using official machinery misuse of power is increasing day by day, he alleged.


He also said that unemployment is on the rise, the price situation is increasing enormously, and common men are not able to tolerate it.

When the Congress party left, the unemployment rate was 19 percent but has gone up to 30 percent. Most importantly, the public sector is sold to private parties, he said.

This time, Rahul started a yatra for bringing peace and harmony among religions, communities. In completion of the yatra, a public meeting will be held at Srinagar and 21 political party leaders have been invited to attend the programme.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra will be conducted in every state. In Manipur, the programme will start in every block from February 1, he said.

In that, the failures of the Modi government, corruption and misdeeds of the Manipur government will be revealed to people. The country will see a change in the 2024 Parliament election. Non-performing Modi government affects poor families and middle-class families are suffering, he added.

The press meet was attended by CLP leader Ibobi, Geikhangam, MPCC president Meghachandra and other members.


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