Biren CM of Manipur, not just Meiteis: Tombi

The Manipur Shiv Sena said Central leaders should arrange a proper forum for the two warring communities, chief ministers of neighbouring states and central leaders to discuss the present issue.

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Updated 31 Aug 2023, 5:31 pm

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Chin Kuki narco terrorists and the 10 Kuki MLAs have considered CM Biren as a Meitei and not as the chief minister of Manipur, thus making him their enemy, state Shiv Sena president M Tombi has alleged.

Tombi was speaking to the media at his state party office located at Babupara, Imphal on Thursday.

He said, in 2017 most of the youths started becoming victims of drugs wherein they burnt police vehicles that were raiding drugs in some areas of Manipur.


So, considering the future of the youths, the ‘War on drug’ campaign was launched under which thousands of acres of poppy cultivation have been destroyed. And even for those poppy cultivators, the chief minister provided alternative crops for their livelihood, he added.

Tombi continued that for the development of hills, the Biren-led government constructed Ima markets in various hill districts and roads. Even state cabinet meetings were conducted at hill districts, he said.

However, some illegal immigrants who had already attacked Bangladesh, Assam and Myanmar instigated the people of the hills against the Biren-led government, he claimed, while pointing fingers towards narco-terrorists.


Those narco-terrorists killed innocent people of Manipur and created enmity among the people of Manipur. They should give the reason why they killed those innocent people, people who were sleeping or cultivating their fields, he demanded.

He questioned if narco-terrorists were going to get their demand for separate administration by destroying the houses of innocent people. They should make their demand at proper forum, through the Parliament and not by killing innocent people and by creating enmity among the people, he said.

The central leaders should arrange a proper forum so that the two communities who are involved in the present turmoil, chief ministers of neighbouring states and central leaders can discuss the present issue, he added.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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