Ambush on security convoy a direct attack on state: CM Biren

CM Biren's security convoy fell under ambush in Kangpokpi district, as suspected Kuki militants targeted them while en route to Jiribam district via NH-37 on Monday.

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Updated 12 Jun 2024, 4:38 am


Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh's advanced security was attacked by suspected Kuki militants en route to Jiribam district via NH-37 on Monday wherein two individuals were wounded, prompting the CM's resolute condemnation and call for unified action to restore peace.

"It is very unfortunate and highly condemnable. It is an attack directly on the Chief Minister, directly on the people of the state. So, the state government has to do something and hence, I will take a call from all of my colleagues and we will make a decision", CM Biren said.

He stressed on the need for immediate and decisive action. 

CM Biren's security convoy fell under ambush in Kangpokpi district, as suspected Kuki militants targeted them while en route to Jiribam district via NH-37. The incident, occurring near K Sinam village, left two individuals wounded, including a civilian, during the exchange of fire.

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Fortunately, the chief minister was not present during the attack, as he was scheduled to visit Jiribam on Tuesday.

Those injured were a police officer and a civilian. While the police personnel is reported to be out of danger, the civilian, identified as Moirangthem Ajesh, alias Bobo, age 28, hailing from Thanga Ngaram, sustained critical injuries.

Ajesh is currently receiving treatment at Shija Hospitals and Research Institute, where doctors plan to remove a bullet from his chest. Despite the severity of his condition, he remains stable and conscious.

Following the ambush, the security team promptly responded, engaging in gunfire with the assailants in the vicinity.

During his visit to the Shija Hospital to check injuries of a personnel, Biren expressed a strong condemnation upon attack and emphasized that his government is closely monitoring incidents like those in Jiribam and other regions with hopes that militant groups would halt such violent acts. Biren also highlighted the restraint exercised by state police forces in such situations.

CM Biren informed that he talked with Jiribam people through Live call and told them that he would visit them.


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"At first, I could not believe that the first convoy of my security team was attacked. But looking into such attacks, it's very unfortunate", he said.

"Previously, we did not retaliate and waited for a way  to solve the situation through discussion or dialogue. But now, it seems like there is no state government and I feel sad. They think the state machinery is very easy and they are mocking us," CM said.

CM Biren also said that the people should decide who will stand with the government or who will not. And now, we will try to bring back the rule of law, so I urged the people to support, he added.

CM Biren clarified that the attack targeted the chief minister's office in Manipur, denouncing it as a reprehensible act against the state's leadership. He called for a unified stance against such violence, emphasizing the need for government action.

The chief minister's intended visit to Jiribam aimed to address the escalating violence and work towards restoring peace in the district, he added.


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IFP Bureau

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