Act East Policy not sincerely implemented: RK Meghen

The struggle of Manipur women in the fight against poverty is an everyday phenomenon, and they have been spearheading in tackling every issue of Manipur, Meghen said.

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Manipur is still facing economic imperialism as the Government of India still retains it as a ‘captive market’ by not giving any option of trades with the neighbouring country, alleged former chairman of a proscribed underground outfit RK Meghen on Sunday.  

He was speaking to the media at Nupi Lal Memorial Complex in Imphal West on the occasion of Nupi Lal Day after paying tributes to the brave hearted mothers who had laid down their lives in 1939.  

The struggle of Manipur women in the fight against poverty is an everyday phenomenon, and they have been spearheading in tackling every issue of Manipur, said Meghen adding, “I salute their struggles.”

As almost more than 100 per cent of the daily uses products are being imported from other states, the economy of the state is gradually deteriorating day by day, he said.

Alleging that Manipur is being kept as a captive market by the Centre, he said the Centre unwilling to open the Northern gate of Manipur to the rest of the world is a clear example. “They are afraid that Manipur's economy will no longer be under their control,” he asserted.

Although the Centre has taken up various programmes like the Look East policy and now Act East policy, they are not sincerely implemented so far, he added.

The first step for economic growth of Manipur is to modernise and industrialise the agriculture sector under such a mechanism which ensures that the farmers are not adversely affected by the modernisation, he continued.

“As we have no hope in the Centre, the state can look for investment from other countries,” he suggested, citing the receiving of Rs 2,00,000 crore as investment from Singapore by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee for development projects.

Condemning the Mon firing incident which killed 14 civilians by the armed forces, he said that the government needed to act on it concerning the sentiments of the public.

To my knowledge, around 2,000 civilians have been killed so far in fake-encounter cases and it is unfortunate.  These incidents are unacceptable, he further said, adding, “When I was an UG leader, our group never attacked any security forces in civil dress or when they were with their family members.”  Killing of civilians in the name of suppressing the militants groups is not at all acceptable, he added.

He further said that though 47 countries had apprised the Indian government for the removal of AFSPA during a Human Rights Council of the United Nation, the Indian government still does not act on it.

“Such nature clearly shows that India follows military rule under the curtain of democracy,” he alleged, adding the government needed to act as per the sentiment of the people and repeal AFSPA from Manipur. 

“Although I have retired from the chairman post of a UG group, my fight for the people of Manipur is far from over. I will fight for the people of Manipur till my last breath,” said Meghen.

Concerning the reported use of his name in introducing Yaiskul assembly constituency intending candidate Brinda Thounoujam, he appealed to the public to refrain from bringing his name in any election related matters.

“Politics is another and family is another matter. Please do not alter them,” he added.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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