610 among 1,115 non-locals found without inner line permit in Manipur

Though the Inner Line Permit System is extended in Manipur, 90 per cent of the non-locals are influxing in the state with a proper permit, newly appointed convenor of JCILPS Student Wing Haobijam Chalamba claimed.

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During a verification drive of 1,115 non-locals conducted by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), a total of 610 non-locals were found to be staying in the state without acquiring any permit, JCILPS convenor BK Moirangcha said.

Of the remaining 505 non-locals, 400 of them were holding a permit in the form of a token and the remaining 105 were in under process for acquiring the ILP permit, he added. 

Moirangcha was speaking to the media during the handing over of charges to the new office bearers of JCILPS Student Wing, at the office of JCILPS in Imphal West on Thursday. He said, following the outcome of the drive it can be concluded that none of the non-locals did not have a proper ILP permit.

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When there are certain acts and regulations for punishing the violators of ILP, it is unfortunate that the state government has not initiated action against a single non-local who breaks the law. 

The present government should be held accountable for the influx of numerous non-locals in the state illegally, giving a threat to the indigenous population of Manipur, said the convenor.

"We are not 'anti non-locals'. We just want the outsiders to respect the law and enter the state legally," he said, appealing to the state government to strictly monitor the loopholes in implementing ILP and initiate action against violators.

The newly appointed convenor of JCILPS Student Wing Haobijam Chalamba (president of AMSU) while speaking to the media alleged that the ILP system implemented in mere a "hollow permit."

Though the ILP system is extended in the state, 90 per cent of the non-locals are influxing in the state with a proper permit, he added. 

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If necessary steps are not taken up at the earliest, the indigenous population will become endangered soon and Manipur will be ruled by outsiders, he pointed out.

The ILP system was implemented in Manipur for name sake just to gain votes, as a result the people can witness various  loopholes in the ILP system of Manipur, Chalamba alleged.

On behalf of all the newly appointed office bearers of JCILPS Student Wing, he assured that they will give its maximum support in any works taken up by the committee.

Vice-president of MSF Maibam Julesh, deputy secretary of KSA Leishakhong Fajal, cultural secretary of SUK Akham Robinson have been appointed as the co-convenors of the student wing. 


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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